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Charity Concert for Dreamers, Friday April 15, 2016 from 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. SL time

In Support of Dreams and Dream Travelers, an in-world nonprofit organization.  The Dream Travelers are the stabilizing force behind the multi-pronged Dreams.   Established to support ShockProof, a group of stroke survivors, the Travelers are a cohesive group of people who teach, share, laugh and play.  They are here to not only support others' dreams but to further their own.  In addition, the Brigadoon Explorers, individuals interested in Asperger Syndrome, are a part of Dreams and the…


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Virtual Law Presentation

Here is a link to a recording of my talk on Virtual Law Practice from last Saturday.  Link.

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My three-part article series on open access and open data published in association with and Spektrum der Wissenschaft, the German Version of Scientific American:

Open Access Advocates Trumpet the Fall of the Paywall

What is…


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Nomination for Executive Committee.

I hereby nominate myself to be on the Executive Committee following the conclusion of my term of office as President.  Sam4 Courtois a/k/a J P Tangen

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Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting February 4, 2012

[09:59]  Suemoon Magic: Hi Sam

[09:59]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq) is Online

[10:00]  Suemoon Magic: Hi Elizabeth

[10:00]  Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Good morning.

[10:00]  Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Thank you for coming.

[10:01]  DanielPerry Laa is Online

[10:01]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Silly question, but is this expected to be a long meeting today? I hadn't planned for it in advance.

[10:02]  Sam Courtois. Esq.…


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Turing Test, Computer Progress Towards Becoming "Human"

LiveScience reported that Cleverbot recently convinced 59% of the humans it interacted with that it was a human being by utilizing crowd sourcing to help it respond appropriately to questions posed by human interrogators.  This exercise is based on Alan Turing's hypothesis that eventually computer software…


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Second Life: Virtual World Meets Real World Copyright

Second Life, (click here for their main web site) an online virtual worlds system, has become the center of a recent copyright controversy involving, yes, virtual sex toys.  Apparently, there are not enough legitimate or inexpensive sex toys for all the denizens of Second Life, so some residents have elected to make knock-offs.  Just like the real-world controversies surrounding real-world goods made by companies like Tiffany and Louis Vuitton, Eros…


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What's New in Bankruptcy?

Today from 12 to 1pm pacific time (in second life), we will be airing an interview Daniel Gershurb, a practicing bankruptcy and real estate attorney from New York, as he discusses whats new in Bankruptcy. 


Cost is free. 

Location is at Mariah's Virtual Paralegal Office and University Office in Second Life.  Check event listings and or IM me directly at bellamariah resident for more…


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Teaming UP for Education

Mariah on CNN


Native Educators Share Goal

Mariah’s Virtual University and Virtual Native Lands are teaming up to empower Native and non-Native peoples through education, training, and career building. For some, a virtual world is and always be just a virtual world. For others, its an opportunity to break free from the boundaries of real life.

Together, the two organizations are working…


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Mariah's Virtual University

This is via the program.

However, if you sign up via this website: then I get a credit.  If you come to me in second life to my school building, you can pay for your courses in Lindens.  And then, you can take your course online. 

The time committment for most courses is four hours a week for six weeks.  You will have a live instructor and work with…


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New Officers and more! minutes from July 17 meeting are up.

The minutes from today's general meeting are now available at:
New officers were elected (no offices were contested) and other

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Nominations open for 2010-2011 officers

The SLBA needs you! If you are interested in becoming an officer (President, VP-Finance, VP-Communications, or executive board member), please visit our forums at to nominate yourself or view the candidates.

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Minutes from 6/12 up

The minutes from today's general meeting are now available at: Discussion included a recap of the successful Coffee Chat event, upcoming elections, a proposal to amend the bylaws to push elections back to the fall (starting in 2011), and more.

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Miniconference Videos up!

At long last I have located a good hosting solution (I think!) for the videos from Nov. 14's miniconference, "Practicing Law in a Virtual World." You can view the videos from our video page right on this site, or download them from… Continue

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New members must be approved for now

Due to a Ning-wide spam problem, I've turned on the requirement for new members to be approved before posting. I promise to approve you quickly unless your email is something like Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Virtual Ability CLE coming up1

The SL Bar Association and Virtual Ability are proud to present a seminar for lawyers and others interested in bias in the legal profession. The seminar will take place on March 17, 2010 at 12:00 noon, PDT. Linda Batiste and Beth Loy from the Job Accommodation Network, West Virginia University will be discussing the professional work environment for lawyers with disabilities. They will discuss barriers faced by attorneys with disabilities and what employers need to do in order to… Continue

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Transcript of Feb. 13, 2010 meeting

The transcript of today's meeting can be read here:

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SLBA has a new home!

At the Dec. 16 meeting, the board presented several land options for our purchase. The members authorized the board to make the final selection and purchase. So here it is: Nimue (48, 135, 59)

Much more detail to come as we develop our building!

Read about this and other business in the January 16 transcript:… Continue

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General meeting set for January 16

Due to schedule conflicts, this month's meeting is postponed one week. Please plan to attend the general meeting on Saturday, January 16, at 10 a.m. See you there!

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Party pics up! and Bylaws approved

At the Dec. 12 meeting, the members present approved the new Bylaws. We then adjourned for a holiday celebration at Celebration sim, a beautiful location and the showcase of our own Henri Decuir's spectacular fireworks.

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