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Native Educators Share Goal

Mariah’s Virtual University and Virtual Native Lands are teaming up to empower Native and non-Native peoples through education, training, and career building. For some, a virtual world is and always be just a virtual world. For others, its an opportunity to break free from the boundaries of real life.

Together, the two organizations are working together to provide real life education from real life teachers from real life educational institutions.

The courses are provided from over 1800 accredited educational institutions in 50 countries around the world.

Resources for Legal Ed & Research

In addition, they are working to build the first ever Virtual Native Law Library and provide real life continuing educational courses for paralegals, lawyers, and educators.

“Virtual Native Lands is a nonprofit corporation that promotes the use of virtual worlds and related technologies to benefit Native American communities. Everyone, both Native and non-Native, benefits in the process. And everyone who cares about the health of Native communities is most welcome to participate,” said Nany Kayo, executive director of VNL.

Mariah’s Virtual University, Native-owned, provides individuals an opportunity to pay for their education through via virtual money and provides tutors free for enrolled students. Subjects range from paralegal training so that the student can become certified in your local community and nationally to pre-law and much more.

School a Success Already

“I have 15 students in my virtual school. Five of those are enrolled in high school and 10 are taking continuing education courses, such as grant writing, medical terminology, and accounting fundamentals,” according to the virtual university recent public release.

Education courses are 12 weeks long through the Ed2Go Program, which networks with 1800 institutions world-wide. Students also can finish their high school diploma, learn new careers, and prepare for real life college.

Mariah’s Virtual University is funded in part by White Wolf Enterprises, W.E. Music Publishing, Ed2Go affiliation, and Linden Lab’s affiliation.

Virtual Native Lands is funded by the Potlatch Fund. “From the potlatch to the powwow, building community and sharing wealth have always resided in the Indian spirit,” statement on website

Potlatch Fund continues this tradition through grants and leadership development in Tribal communities throughout Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Montana.

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