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Virtual Law Presentation

Here is a link to a recording of my talk on Virtual Law Practice from last Saturday.  Link.

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Turing Test, Computer Progress Towards Becoming "Human"

LiveScience reported that Cleverbot recently convinced 59% of the humans it interacted with that it was a human being by utilizing crowd sourcing to help it respond appropriately to questions posed by human interrogators.  This exercise is based on Alan Turing's hypothesis that eventually computer software…


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Second Life: Virtual World Meets Real World Copyright

Second Life, (click here for their main web site) an online virtual worlds system, has become the center of a recent copyright controversy involving, yes, virtual sex toys.  Apparently, there are not enough legitimate or inexpensive sex toys for all the denizens of Second Life, so some residents have elected to make knock-offs.  Just like the real-world controversies surrounding real-world goods made by companies like Tiffany and Louis Vuitton, Eros…


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