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9:04 AM SLT Meeting began

1.  Any contact with Rick as he is supposed to present in February?  No one has heard from him.

2.  Discussed transitioning ownership to the SLBA from Sam as LL has finally agreed to grant the SLBA nonprofit status on the tier.  

3.  Discussed rental - LL/Tenant situation with regard to who we rent to and what to do as we go forward.

4.  Sam - $40,000 Lindens
    a.    I think that members who liev her will thing that the transfer to non-profit will suggest taht the rient will go down.  We need to make it clear that such is not the case.
    b.   The 40,000 L was paid out to purchase the sim.

 Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): I suggest letting me stay on for the itme beaing as Land lord until it is claearlu y inthe black. - No objections to that by the executive committee.


11 Village Tenants (3780 LL)
4 x 6000 at Sea Level

5.  Speaker Series
    a.  Agenda and Tim on schedule for March.
    b.  Richard Granat - Speaker possibly to come and talk.
    c.  Elizabeth - Will talk to Stephanie Kimbro to see if she would be willing to come speak during the speaker series about virtual law practice.
    d.  Elizabeth may be able to put together a presentation on ADA in employment. (Potentially 9/6/2014)

6.  Bylaws and  Quorum numbers discussed.

7.  Happy with a smaller core group - might be what we need to settle on and start working on.  Consider reinventing way we look at the whole thing.  Do we try to grow and find new members?  We have tried but it hasn't really happened.

Closed Executive Committee Meeting at 10:00 am.


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