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[10:04] (You): well, i'll get started. if you see anyone else online feel free to tp them over
[10:05] (You): with regards to membership, we have 74 ppl in our group. 25 members have been to renew for the 2015-2016 year
[10:05] (You): we've attracted a handful of new members this year
[10:05] Agenda Faromet raises her hand.
[10:05] Faye Blackheart: wow
[10:05] (You): agenda?
[10:06] Agenda Faromet: Tim, one thing that has frustrated me in the past is that there is no way to check and see if you've paid up / if your membership is current.
[10:06] (You): i keep track manually
[10:06] (You): i'm not aware of a way to automate that in SL
[10:06] (You): i agree that is a problem
[10:06] Suemoon Magic: On the wiki?
[10:06] Agenda Faromet: For instance, I /think/ I have paid for this year, but honestly I'm not sure, and there's no way for me to check. I bet there are other people who simply don't know. Are you sending out individual reminders?
[10:07] (You): i have sent out notecards to all members of the group, and recently to those that have not yet renewed
[10:07] Agenda Faromet: Okay, great. Cool.
[10:08] (You): but yes i do have a spreadsheet that keeps track of dues so i can identify who is in the group but not renewed and have been reaching out to folks
[10:08] (You): by the end of july, whoever remains un-renewed will be marked as inactive in the group
[10:09] (You): we have these upcoming presentations
[10:09] Agenda Faromet: That's perfect. I do think a lot of people just don't realize they haven't paid.
[10:10] (You): mhm, agreed agenda. that is also because most pay groups in SL only require one payment and then you are in
[10:10] (You): i still think this is the only group where we seek annual payment on continued membership
[10:10] (You): (at least to my knowledge in SL)
[10:10] Suemoon Magic: I "tithe" in a religious group I belong to. It's how we pay for the sim
[10:11] (You): is there automated tracking of that tithe, sue?
[10:11] Suemoon Magic: In another group we have fund raisers to pay for the sim
[10:11] Suemoon Magic: Yes, we have an annual meeting financial reports
[10:12] Suemoon Magic: No automatic tracking I guess
[10:12] (You): ok
[10:12] (You): so faye is on the schedule for next saturday for her presentation on copyright infringement and breedables
[10:12] (You): and i have one set for 8/13, and agenda is on for 10/3
[10:13] (You): agenda and i were talking about a fair use panel again for copyright
[10:13] (You): and there have also been some important US Supreme court decisions that could be an interesting presentation topic
[10:14] (You): let me know if you have any other thoughts on presentations and we will get that on the schedule
[10:15] Agenda Faromet: Sadly, Elonis turned out to be more of a whimper than a bang.
[10:16] (You): sometimes that happens with the court as they try to narrow their decision to gain a majority
[10:18] (You): so as for upcoming meetings, here is what i have
[10:18] (You): today was supposed to be our elections/annual meeting but i have been behind, so we will do that next month
[10:19] (You): i was also thinking about a social event here on the sim
[10:20] (You): finally our financial status
[10:20] (You): we remain in a good position financially
[10:21] (You): we have about US$1750 on deposit
[10:21] (You): our average rental income exceeds the cost of tier from our members, so we are doing fine in that regard
[10:22] (You): any questions or issues from the group?
[10:23] Faye Blackheart: i don't think so
[10:24] Faye Blackheart: hopefully people come to the talk next week lol
[10:24] (You): mhm, agreed
[10:25] Agenda Faromet: Will you be publicizing it outside of just posting signs on the sim? I've found that good publicity, on blogs and such, is really key.
[10:26] Faye Blackheart: Probably through the SL event list
[10:27] Agenda Faromet: That's one option, but I'm not sure if it'll reach your target market. You might try reaching out to Hamlet at New World Notes.
[10:27] Agenda Faromet: Or Inara Pey at Modemworld.
[10:28] Faye Blackheart: ok
[10:29] (You): faye do you want me to put in the event as the admin?
[10:29] Faye Blackheart: Sure
[10:30] Faye Blackheart: Ha, i should go spam the groups that were party to that lawsuit, lol
[10:30] (You): i will see why the land doesn't show up for the location for him
[10:30] (You): some weirdness with that
[10:32] (You): must be the arete group. agenda, can you add the admin account into Assistant Manager in that group?
[10:33] Agenda Faromet: Which admin account — SLBAAdministrator?
[10:33] (You): mhm
[10:34] Agenda Faromet: Done.
[10:34] (You): ty
[10:34] (You): let me see if that fixes the events thing
[10:35] (You): yep, that was it
[10:35] (You): ok i can post that and faye, if you can talk to those two folks about it, they should be able to help spread the word as well
[10:35] Faye Blackheart: sounds good
[10:35] (You): maybe i can also try a sponsored search ad for it this week and see how that helps
[10:36] (You): just run it for a week and see what the response is
[10:36] (You): alright, any other discussion?
[10:38] (You): alright i say we adjourn, absent an objection

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