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SL Bar Association

[2015/06/13 10:07]  Alaria Targeryen (babyalaria): hi
[2015/06/13 10:08]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): Alright all - welcome
[2015/06/13 10:08]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): i'l get started with the meeting
[2015/06/13 10:09]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): i have for the agenda: membership, finances, upcoming activities, dues & elections
[2015/06/13 10:09]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): Hi all, apologies for popping in and out.  In SL I can attend two meetings at once, but that does mean not giving full attention to either.  I will catch up
[2015/06/13 10:09]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): if you have anything else, feel free to chime in
[2015/06/13 10:09]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): no problem, multi-tasking ellen lol
[2015/06/13 10:09]  Alaria Targeryen (babyalaria): i just joined not to long ago
[2015/06/13 10:10]  Faye Blackheart: welcome Alaria :)
[2015/06/13 10:10]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): yes, welcome
[2015/06/13 10:10]  Alaria Targeryen (babyalaria): thank you so nice to meet everyone
[2015/06/13 10:11]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): alright, so we have 75 members in the group as of today
[2015/06/13 10:11]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): 6 of our members have renewed for 2015-2016 (including hanna and alaria that are new this month to the bar)
[2015/06/13 10:12]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): if you have not renewed, please do so through the dues box in the room right across the hall from here.
[2015/06/13 10:12]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): i will be working on reaching out to individual members to encourage renewal
[2015/06/13 10:13]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): we have added 3 new members so far this year, which is off from our pace in 2014
[2015/06/13 10:13]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): i think this has a lot to do with having fewer events and activities so far in 2015 compared to last year
[2015/06/13 10:13]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): i hope we can work on improving that for the 2nd half
[2015/06/13 10:14]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): i did want to thank ellen for her work on our Law Day social event
[2015/06/13 10:14]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): we did bring in around 10-15 folks to hang out with us on 5/2
[2015/06/13 10:15]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): hopefully we can do some additional social activities here on justitia later this year
[2015/06/13 10:15]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): any discussion on membership?
[2015/06/13 10:15]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): 500L, correct?
[2015/06/13 10:15]  Alaria Targeryen (babyalaria): hen would i re knew
[2015/06/13 10:15]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): yes it is 500L
[2015/06/13 10:15]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): alaria, you would renew in June, 2016
[2015/06/13 10:16]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): you are paid up
[2015/06/13 10:16]  Alaria Targeryen (babyalaria): ok
[2015/06/13 10:16]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): as is hanna and faye
[2015/06/13 10:16]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): I will pay my dues today, so if I still sit here after the meeting is over - it's because I don't want to leave here today until that is done.
[2015/06/13 10:16]  Hanna Darling (liashlee.inaka): I heard about the SLBA through Canary Beck's blog, based on a post by Vaki Zenovka. Without that, I wouldn't have known about its existence.
[2015/06/13 10:17]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): that's great that you heard of us, but i agree we need to work on raising our profile in-world
[2015/06/13 10:19]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): with regards to upcoming activities, unfortunately agenda's presentation on trademarks had to be postponed
[2015/06/13 10:20]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): we had hoped to have a Panel discussion next month on the DMCA takedowns that had happened to some in-world creators (Belleza and Slink I believe). i will follow-up with Agenda to see if we can pull that off
[2015/06/13 10:20]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): Other topics that have been suggested are (a) basic estate planning and (b) FMLA
[2015/06/13 10:20]  Faye Blackheart: I stumbled across a copyright infringment case for those breedable horses at work yesterday lol
[2015/06/13 10:20]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): interesting - breedables are a substantial market in world here
[2015/06/13 10:21]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): what was the case caption?
[2015/06/13 10:21]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): /me perks up, interested
[2015/06/13 10:21]  Faye Blackheart: yeah, it was a 2011 case, so a little old...but still caught my eye, the damages they were alleged stemmed from the DMCA takedown because the horses would starve lol
[2015/06/13 10:21]  Faye Blackheart: lemme grab it, hold on
[2015/06/13 10:21]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): lolz
[2015/06/13 10:22]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): right the horses would die if left in inventory and under a certain age
[2015/06/13 10:22]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): One of my alts is currently involved in RP at a sim that includes dragon breedables.  I'd like to take a look at that case
[2015/06/13 10:22]  Faye Blackheart: Amaretto Ranch Breedables, LLC v. Ozimals, Inc.
[2015/06/13 10:23]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): OK, found it
[2015/06/13 10:23]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): that would sure make for an interesting presentation, and i bet people outside of our circle would be interested in attending it given the large breedables market
[2015/06/13 10:23]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): Yes.  What I found is only part of the case, I see. Continuing to look
[2015/06/13 10:24]  Faye Blackheart: yeah for sure
[2015/06/13 10:24]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): faye are you more available this summer or are you taking classes?
[2015/06/13 10:24]  Faye Blackheart: No, i'm working as a summer associate and they're trying to kill me slowly
[2015/06/13 10:25]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): lolz
[2015/06/13 10:25]  Hanna Darling (liashlee.inaka): /me laughs
[2015/06/13 10:25]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): i know you are interested in copyright issues in-world - would you want to work on a presentation on this topic?
[2015/06/13 10:26]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): Here's another part of the case, if anyone else is interested
[2015/06/13 10:26]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): in general copyright presentations are better attended
[2015/06/13 10:26]  Faye Blackheart: yeah, I could do that.... when?
[2015/06/13 10:26]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): is there a day after july 4 that works for you?
[2015/06/13 10:26]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): we just have our annual meeting on 7/11
[2015/06/13 10:27]  Faye Blackheart: just on a weekend i guess
[2015/06/13 10:27]  Faye Blackheart: 7/11 would be fine
[2015/06/13 10:27]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): how about the 18th?
[2015/06/13 10:27]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): would you like to do something later in the day rather than 10am?
[2015/06/13 10:28]  Faye Blackheart: or that
[2015/06/13 10:28]  Faye Blackheart: lol
[2015/06/13 10:28]  Faye Blackheart: should we shoot for noon SLT?
[2015/06/13 10:28]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): sure, might have better luck
[2015/06/13 10:29]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): ok great
[2015/06/13 10:29]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): i will work with agenda on re-scheduling her trademark talk
[2015/06/13 10:29]  Faye Blackheart: /me digs through her inventory for some amaretto horses to use as visual aid
[2015/06/13 10:29]  Hanna Darling (liashlee.inaka): Dead green ones?
[2015/06/13 10:30]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): elizabeth has been off-world b/c of her teaching commitments, but i will touch base with her about doing a joint business law presentation later during the summer
[2015/06/13 10:30]  Faye Blackheart: i think they're all dead....  perhaps it was a result of the TRO lol
[2015/06/13 10:30]  Alaria Targeryen (babyalaria): i have a questin
[2015/06/13 10:31]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): sure
[2015/06/13 10:31]  Alaria Targeryen (babyalaria): pet pddlers is breedables fish how can they enforce a tos when they are not a legl llc
[2015/06/13 10:31]  Alaria Targeryen (babyalaria): they ban people for no reason cause they dontlike them
[2015/06/13 10:33]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): alaria, the creator of a copyrighted work need not be an LLC to have a valid copyright. if the owners of that business are the copyright owners of certain breedables, they can enforce their rights as they wish
[2015/06/13 10:34]  Alaria Targeryen (babyalaria): ok thank ou
[2015/06/13 10:34]  Alaria Targeryen (babyalaria): you
[2015/06/13 10:34]  Faye Blackheart: and Linden Lab can enforce its TOS on anyway, whether they are incorporated or not
[2015/06/13 10:34]  Faye Blackheart: anyone*
[2015/06/13 10:34]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): yes, because individual users in SL have a contract with LL directly
[2015/06/13 10:35]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): compliance with TOS is a condition of access to SL
[2015/06/13 10:35]  Alaria Targeryen (babyalaria): they turnd off her fish food
[2015/06/13 10:35]  Alaria Targeryen (babyalaria): for her fish nd banned her
[2015/06/13 10:35]  Alaria Targeryen (babyalaria): cuse she was selling low
[2015/06/13 10:36]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): /me is still looking for the rest of that case, which may or may not be relevant
[2015/06/13 10:36]  Faye Blackheart: You know, I have heard of an analogous situation, by a car maker.....blocking access to certain customers over petty stuff.  Those customers have paid, and then they get the bait and switch....  so wrong
[2015/06/13 10:36]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): well, if a user of a Pet Peddlers' work breached the PP's license to use the work, PP has the right to terminate the license
[2015/06/13 10:36]  Faye Blackheart: but we're only talking a few dollars stolen
[2015/06/13 10:37]  Faye Blackheart: I don't think the termination is for breach of license, it's just petty quibbling amongst users
[2015/06/13 10:37]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): well, alaria, if you are saying that the licensee was selling copies of the PP works for less than PP wanted her to, that could be a license breach or it could be a s. 109 right of first sale issue
[2015/06/13 10:38]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): depends on what the license agreement says between PP and your friend
[2015/06/13 10:38]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): but i agree Faye, ppl in SL can be pretty petty
[2015/06/13 10:38]  Faye Blackheart: I think she was just saying they ban people they don't like, which is similar to the situation i know of
[2015/06/13 10:39]  Faye Blackheart: In RL that could be a cause of action, but here, the damages are so negligible, it's just the principle of the matter lol
[2015/06/13 10:39]  Alaria Targeryen (babyalaria): they dont want there firs being sold at less then 300 she sold t 200
[2015/06/13 10:39]  Faye Blackheart: ah, well that's legit
[2015/06/13 10:40]  Faye Blackheart: The guy I know just bans people who use his competitors cars, if he finds out
[2015/06/13 10:40]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): it is a question of the license then. the copyright holder can't complain about the secondary sale price under s. 109 (right of first sale) unless there is an agreement between the parties that requires a minimum resale value
[2015/06/13 10:41]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): alaria, it is an interesting situation
[2015/06/13 10:41]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): other discussion on future topics for presentations?
[2015/06/13 10:41]  Alaria Targeryen (babyalaria): yes
[2015/06/13 10:42]  Faye Blackheart: yes, if anyone has any ozimals, bring them for display haha
[2015/06/13 10:43]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): i was talking with another member of the SLBA last month about other ideas for SLBA activities.  He suggested have a regular law discussion group here at SLBA.  Thoughts? Interest from attendees?
[2015/06/13 10:43]  Hanna Darling (liashlee.inaka): Who will be doing the presentation on estate planning? I can offer some assistance if they would like.
[2015/06/13 10:43]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): hanna - would you like to present?
[2015/06/13 10:44]  Hanna Darling (liashlee.inaka): I'm not an attorney, so I'd be more comfortable just assisting or preparing something for an attorney to present
[2015/06/13 10:44]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): alright. i do estate planning in MD and could make a presentation on it, if you would like to work with me on that
[2015/06/13 10:45]  Hanna Darling (liashlee.inaka): The law office I work for in MI specializes in elder law, estate planning, and medicaid so I could lend a hand!
[2015/06/13 10:45]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): great - would be an interesting perspective
[2015/06/13 10:46]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): i will take 8-15 at noon for that topic
[2015/06/13 10:46]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): i have some slides i can modify to start from my 101 intro to law class for that one
[2015/06/13 10:47]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): any comments on having a regular, informal discussion group at SLBA?
[2015/06/13 10:47]  Faye Blackheart: i like the idea
[2015/06/13 10:48]  Faye Blackheart: any reason to get together and shoot legal issues off each other is fine in my book
[2015/06/13 10:48]  Hanna Darling (liashlee.inaka): I have some materials I can pass along to you, Tim, as far as a basic introduction to what our office considers the staples of EP
[2015/06/13 10:49]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): great hanna - feel free to email me at
[2015/06/13 10:49]  Faye Blackheart: in fact, i just got done researching some pretty interesting stuff on indemnificating of non-liable co-defendants which was pretty surprising
[2015/06/13 10:49]  Faye Blackheart: indemnification*
[2015/06/13 10:49]  Faye Blackheart: i can't type today
[2015/06/13 10:49]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): lolz faye
[2015/06/13 10:49]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): indemnification is always an IM-twister
[2015/06/13 10:49]  Faye Blackheart: haha
[2015/06/13 10:50]  Hanna Darling (liashlee.inaka): I'm afraid I have to head out for now. I have my commencement today. :) I'll send you an email, Tim. It was nice to meet everyone! I'll keep my eye on the notices!
[2015/06/13 10:50]  Faye Blackheart: congrats!
[2015/06/13 10:50]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): thanks hanna for coming by and talk with you soon
[2015/06/13 10:50]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): and congrats as well
[2015/06/13 10:50]  Hanna Darling (liashlee.inaka): Thank you!!
[2015/06/13 10:50]  Hanna Darling (liashlee.inaka): is offline.
[2015/06/13 10:51]  Faye Blackheart: where's the coffee in here lol
[2015/06/13 10:51]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): i will put the informal discussion group on our agenda for 7/11 and poll other members before to see if that would be of interest
[2015/06/13 10:52]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): alright: dues are due this month by 6/30. Elections are next month at our annual meeting 7/11. if anyone is interested in being an officer for 2015-2016, please let me know
[2015/06/13 10:52]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): /me finds only one transferable cup of coffee in her inventory, which just happens to be the SLBA Cup of Coffee, and smiles at Faye
[2015/06/13 10:52]  Faye Blackheart: haha
[2015/06/13 10:52]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): lolz
[2015/06/13 10:53]  Faye Blackheart: i should mesh us a new coffee stand, that one is old lol
[2015/06/13 10:53]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): agreed
[2015/06/13 10:53]  Faye Blackheart: consider it done lol
[2015/06/13 10:54]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): on our financials: we are in good shape with $445,000 on account
[2015/06/13 10:54]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): our rental income exceeds our monthly tier on average, so we are good with maintaining the sim through today
[2015/06/13 10:55]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): i'd like to discuss ways that we can work on advertising/marketing the bar association
[2015/06/13 10:55]  Faye Blackheart: Once I pass the bar I'll open up a new office in here
[2015/06/13 10:55]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): great, faye.
[2015/06/13 10:56]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): i'm inclined to spend some money on advertising, events, etc. to help raise the bar association profile - especially around scheduled presentations
[2015/06/13 10:57]  Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): I am going to take off.  I'll see you all later.
[2015/06/13 10:57]  Faye Blackheart: Bye Geri!
[2015/06/13 10:57]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): thanks geri see you soon
[2015/06/13 10:57]  Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): Bye
[2015/06/13 10:57]  Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): is offline.
[2015/06/13 10:58]  Faye Blackheart: i think thats a good idea.... but where would you spend the money?
[2015/06/13 10:58]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): i think we should identify some high traffic areas in-world where we can advertise the bar association
[2015/06/13 10:59]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): it will take some research
[2015/06/13 10:59]  Faye Blackheart: Only high traffic place i know of is crack den, for roleplayers...  or  Dead End...  but again, not really our target audience
[2015/06/13 10:59]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): lolz
[2015/06/13 11:00]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): yeah probably not where we should be
[2015/06/13 11:00]  Faye Blackheart: are there any good malls in SL?
[2015/06/13 11:00]  Faye Blackheart: with lots of businesses, where we could advertise
[2015/06/13 11:01]  Alaria Targeryen (babyalaria): we could have jackets mde up
[2015/06/13 11:01]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): a few show up in search with high traffic that might be candidates, such as London City, Ambrosia Dance Club, Fashion Valley, etc.
[2015/06/13 11:03]  Faye Blackheart: who's our marketing officer this year?
[2015/06/13 11:03]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): i know that some of the mesh body makers have very high traffic as well - might make sense to be there if we do a panel discussion with them on DMCA
[2015/06/13 11:03]  Faye Blackheart: ha, like Slink lol
[2015/06/13 11:03]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): laughs at Faye - i believe that role remains open for 2015-2016.
[2015/06/13 11:04]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): i might be able to put up some advertising over at jerk's gaming sim - we have several skilled gaming members of the association as well
[2015/06/13 11:05]  Faye Blackheart: yeah that'd be good
[2015/06/13 11:06]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): alright, i will leave that on our agenda for next month as well
[2015/06/13 11:06]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): any other items for discussion today before we adjourn?
[2015/06/13 11:06]  Faye Blackheart: Nothing I can think of
[2015/06/13 11:06]  Alaria Targeryen (babyalaria): its ok im here right
[2015/06/13 11:07]  Faye Blackheart: of course!
[2015/06/13 11:07]  Alaria Targeryen (babyalaria): imnot a lawyer or anything
[2015/06/13 11:07]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): the association is open to all
[2015/06/13 11:07]  Faye Blackheart: I wasn't either, I've been a member here for years
[2015/06/13 11:07]  Alaria Targeryen (babyalaria): ok thank you
[2015/06/13 11:08]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): alright, hearing nothing further we are adjourned

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