SL Bar Association

SL Bar Association

In attendance: Faye Blackheart, Danny Dwyer, Maddy Perennity, Sam Courtois, Geri Kahn, Agenda Faromet, Tim Faith, Ellen Ross, and Princess Rosene

[2015/04/11 10:02]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): i wanted to talk about four things: 1. membership, 2. Upcoming CLE 3. Law Day, and 4. Finances.
[2015/04/11 10:03]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): in terms of members, we have a total of 73 in the group, with 52 paid up through June as members
[2015/04/11 10:03]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): we've added a couple of new members so far this year
[2015/04/11 10:03]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): generally our CLE activities bring new members, so i hope we can work on more programming this year to help there
[2015/04/11 10:04]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): renewals start in June
[2015/04/11 10:04]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): folks that don't renew get marked as inactive in the group
[2015/04/11 10:04]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): so we will work on our member dues push next month
[2015/04/11 10:05]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): with regards to CLE, we have some upcoming activities on that front.
[2015/04/11 10:05]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): Agenda is on for a June presentation on trademarks
[2015/04/11 10:05]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): and I am working with her and Juris to coordinate a late May and a mid-July CLE as noted on the slide
[2015/04/11 10:06]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): are there any other topics of interest to the group for CLE this year?
[2015/04/11 10:06]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): or are there any speakers you would like to hear from for a CLE?
[2015/04/11 10:06]  Faye Blackheart: Looking forward to the DMCA panel!
[2015/04/11 10:06]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): Do we know anyone who could speak on FMLA?  That issue has come up in a couple of my cases lately
[2015/04/11 10:07]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): I know it's not a "digital" topic
[2015/04/11 10:07]  Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Personally, I think this has been one of the most successful programs that we have undertaken, such as it is; so I applaud you Tim for making it work.
[2015/04/11 10:07]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): but it is at least national scope, even though not international
[2015/04/11 10:07]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): we can ask and see if there are any FMLA folks
[2015/04/11 10:08]  Danny Dwyer: It might be interesting if someone could speak on some Estate Planning basics
[2015/04/11 10:08]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): faye, i think the panel, if we can pull it off, will be very interesting
[2015/04/11 10:08]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): danny, sure
[2015/04/11 10:08]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): we can put something together on that
[2015/04/11 10:08]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): estate planning is a practice area for me in MD
[2015/04/11 10:09]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): sam, thank you
[2015/04/11 10:09]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): we keep working at it
[2015/04/11 10:09]  Danny Dwyer: awesome
[2015/04/11 10:10]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): other thoughts on this item?
[2015/04/11 10:10]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): i was hoping agenda could make it today to talk about the panel
[2015/04/11 10:10]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): we wanted to pull in some of the creators in SL that have dealt with takedown issues to talk about it
[2015/04/11 10:11]  Faye Blackheart: I was contemplating doing my thesis on copyrights issues in SL, so I'm curious if anyone has much success with takedowns
[2015/04/11 10:11]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): there had been some fake takedown notices sent to Belleza and Slink that led to some litigation
[2015/04/11 10:12]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): juris could tell you more as she represents creators in SL over takedown notices, faye
[2015/04/11 10:12]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): Tim, are any of the pleadings or orders in those cases public?  If so, links?
[2015/04/11 10:12]  Faye Blackheart: Oh I'll have to talk to her then! I didn't know she did that
[2015/04/11 10:12]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): an excellent question ellen
[2015/04/11 10:13]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): i don't know offhand
[2015/04/11 10:13]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): i doubt they are subject to a confidentiality order, but may only be available through pacer to obtain
[2015/04/11 10:14]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): I do have Pacer access but it would be helpful if the information was available at a public website
[2015/04/11 10:14]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): i imagine that agenda would know more
[2015/04/11 10:15]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): other thoughts on CLE or presenters?
[2015/04/11 10:16]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): alright
[2015/04/11 10:17]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): if you have others, feel free to interject them later
[2015/04/11 10:17]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): on social activities
[2015/04/11 10:17]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): we have our upcoming regular meetings
[2015/04/11 10:17]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): and we have Law Day on 5/2
[2015/04/11 10:17]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): Some of us are wearing judge wigs to get ready for that, I see
[2015/04/11 10:17]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): /me smiles
[2015/04/11 10:18]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): can anyone update the group on our prep for Law Day?
[2015/04/11 10:19]  Faye Blackheart: Are we doing any fund raising during law day? My mesh business has taken off quite a bit, I could mesh something to donate to the SLBA to sell during law day?
[2015/04/11 10:19]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): that would be great faye
[2015/04/11 10:19]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): I thought that somebody else might be working with me on it but I haven't heard anything.  I haven't found a speaker - anyone else?
[2015/04/11 10:20]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): We might have to settle for a "party like it's 1215" costume contest.
[2015/04/11 10:20]  Faye Blackheart: lol
[2015/04/11 10:21]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): well we can do a social event that day
[2015/04/11 10:22]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): we had discussed finding a historian to talk if possible
[2015/04/11 10:22]  Danny Dwyer: I do not know any historians, unfortunately
[2015/04/11 10:22]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): The people I "know" on Facebook so far who are into medieval history aren't into SL.  Most have never even heard of it.
[2015/04/11 10:23]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): ellen you mentioned there are some existing sims here in SL dedicated to historical periods
[2015/04/11 10:23]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): like the romans i think
[2015/04/11 10:24]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): If I had a little more time, I would prepare something myself (I do have a Master's degree in history/political science, for whatever that's worth) but haven't had time.  I am active in a couple of Roman-era sims
[2015/04/11 10:24]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): but the medieval ones tend to lean more toward fantasy
[2015/04/11 10:24]  Danny Dwyer: the ones I know of are strictly role-play
[2015/04/11 10:24]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): I haven't connected with anyone who is into "serious history" of that time period yet.
[2015/04/11 10:25]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): Yes, role-play, but not strictly historical, unfortunately.  Magic and fae and all that.
[2015/04/11 10:26]  Danny Dwyer: yep
[2015/04/11 10:26]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): yes, probably won't help if we have hobbits here discussing the wars in middle earth for law day
[2015/04/11 10:26]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): lol
[2015/04/11 10:26]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): fun as that might be
[2015/04/11 10:26]  Danny Dwyer: lol
[2015/04/11 10:26]  Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): lol
[2015/04/11 10:26]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): /me giggles
[2015/04/11 10:26]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): well we can just have a social event
[2015/04/11 10:27]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): i have a contest board and can put in an event notice to SL Events
[2015/04/11 10:27]  Danny Dwyer: as far as the set up for the social, any ideas on what any decorations or build should look like?
[2015/04/11 10:28]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): I can get some medieval stuff, but I would need some time to set up.  What is the current group for rezzing here?
[2015/04/11 10:28]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): arete group has rez rights i think
[2015/04/11 10:28]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): Just tried something with arete active and it didn't work .... will test again
[2015/04/11 10:29]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): Ah, it worked this time.  OK
[2015/04/11 10:30]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): and it looks like Agenda is on her way
[2015/04/11 10:30]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): /me waves at Agenda
[2015/04/11 10:30]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): hi agenda
[2015/04/11 10:30]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): we were just talking about the law day activities
[2015/04/11 10:31]  Agenda Faromet: Good morning, all! Sorry I'm late.
[2015/04/11 10:31]  Dr Mrs Goddess Depp MD (princessrosene): Good morning.
[2015/04/11 10:31]  Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): Morning.
[2015/04/11 10:32]  Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): Good morning
[2015/04/11 10:32]  Faye Blackheart: I'm trying to think of a cool law-related gift to mesh for law day, does anyone have any ideas or things they would like to own for their SL offices? I was thinking maybe scales or something? Some law related decor?
[2015/04/11 10:32]  Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Hello Agenda.
[2015/04/11 10:32]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): maps of the world from the middle ages in a frame?
[2015/04/11 10:32]  Faye Blackheart: ohhhh that would be cool!
[2015/04/11 10:32]  Danny Dwyer: a bookshelf of law books
[2015/04/11 10:32]  Dr Mrs Goddess Depp MD (princessrosene): Office furniture.
[2015/04/11 10:33]  Danny Dwyer: scales of justice sounds cool
[2015/04/11 10:33]  Dr Mrs Goddess Depp MD (princessrosene): Picture frame with a law degree inside.
[2015/04/11 10:33]  Faye Blackheart: maybe I could do a couple items, those are all pretty easy to make. Then we'd have some options
[2015/04/11 10:34]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): I have to go AFK for a couple of minutes. Back shortly
[2015/04/11 10:34]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): faye that would be lovely
[2015/04/11 10:35]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): ellen, np
[2015/04/11 10:36]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): so can we pause and back up
[2015/04/11 10:36]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): agenda - i wanted to follow-up
[2015/04/11 10:36]  Agenda Faromet: Yes?
[2015/04/11 10:36]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): do you think the DMCA takedown panel will work for July?
[2015/04/11 10:37]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): idk if you had time to talk to any of the creators involved in the fake takedowns
[2015/04/11 10:39]  Agenda Faromet: I haven't been able to talk with Siddean — she's been on vacation and hard to get in touch with. I wanted to talk with her before reaching out to Shyla. However, I do think we can make that happen, it's just a matter of settling on the date and time.
[2015/04/11 10:39]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): excellent
[2015/04/11 10:39]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): we can follow-up next month on it then
[2015/04/11 10:40]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): do you think that would be something that the copyright & social media committee would want to co-host?
[2015/04/11 10:42]  Agenda Faromet: Yes. I will let you know as soon as I talk with both of them (and if not them, I can talk with some other content creators who've had to go through the DMCA process in high-profile ways). ......That I don't know. I'll talk with Josh about it (that'll be before I take over as chair). I don't think he'll have a /problem/ with it, but anything a committee does for CLE has to go through the whole ABA approval process, which requires a six month lead time and lots of hoops to jump through.
[2015/04/11 10:43]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): ah
[2015/04/11 10:43]  Agenda Faromet: We can certainly talk about doing it without CLE approval, but then you don't get the same marketing behind it.
[2015/04/11 10:43]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): ty for that
[2015/04/11 10:43]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): well even if you could invite the committee to join - whatever could be done to help market this to more potentially interested people - would help greatly
[2015/04/11 10:43]  Agenda Faromet: Absolutely.
[2015/04/11 10:44]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): i think it would be an interesting discussion too
[2015/04/11 10:47]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): alright
[2015/04/11 10:47]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): RL stuff going on here so I may not be able to stay too much longer.  Is anyone interested in working with me on decorating for Law Day?
[2015/04/11 10:47]  Danny Dwyer: yes
[2015/04/11 10:47]  Danny Dwyer: I can
[2015/04/11 10:48]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): Danny, my primary avatar is "Ellen Ireland," I'll get in touch
[2015/04/11 10:48]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): excellent
[2015/04/11 10:48]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): other discussion on law day?
[2015/04/11 10:49]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): alright, we will keep working on getting 5/2 off the ground
[2015/04/11 10:49]  Danny Dwyer: ok
[2015/04/11 10:49]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): here is where we stand on the finances
[2015/04/11 10:49]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): we have 403175 in the bank as of today
[2015/04/11 10:50]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): we generated some donations from our feb skilled gaming discussion that was good
[2015/04/11 10:50]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): and our gross rental income has been good for the first quarter
[2015/04/11 10:50]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): our tier expenses each month are about 37,000
[2015/04/11 10:50]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): so on average we are ahead each month of expenses
[2015/04/11 10:51]  Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): That's great!
[2015/04/11 10:51]  Agenda Faromet: That's excellent.
[2015/04/11 10:51]  Danny Dwyer: fantastic
[2015/04/11 10:51]  Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Good job!
[2015/04/11 10:51]  Faye Blackheart: awesome!
[2015/04/11 10:51]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): so we are doing alright
[2015/04/11 10:51]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): we have room for more tenants here and at sea level
[2015/04/11 10:51]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): and land we can use for something other than rentals as needed
[2015/04/11 10:53]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): any thoughts on land or rentals/tenants?
[2015/04/11 10:53]  Agenda Faromet: /me raises her hand.
[2015/04/11 10:54]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): the chair recognizes agenda
[2015/04/11 10:56]  Agenda Faromet: Every now and then, the question comes up of whether or not to rent land out to a commercially successful tenant, in order to bring in some more money to us...whether it's to stores, or to a nightclub, or whatever. Usually I have this discussion with people privately, but I'd like to take an opportunity to discuss it in the group. We're a nonprofit organization. We /can't/ bring in commercial tenants unless their commercial purpose is in line with our mission.
[2015/04/11 10:56]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): lol
[2015/04/11 10:57]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): yes we should figure out that question
[2015/04/11 10:57]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): we actually had a tenant here that wanted to have a store
[2015/04/11 10:57]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): but she gave up the rental before we had a meeting to talk about the issue
[2015/04/11 10:57]  Agenda Faromet: We also need to be super careful about stores, because there's a /lot/ of intellectual property theft — even unintentional intellectual property theft — and the last thing the SL Bar Association needs is to be selling infringing content on its lands.
[2015/04/11 10:59]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): i think our informal policy has been to rent to members of the association
[2015/04/11 10:59]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): we lack a quorum today to make a resolution
[2015/04/11 11:00]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): but are there comments on changes to our policy from the group?
[2015/04/11 11:00]  Agenda Faromet: Sure, but even members of the association have to comply with nonprofit rules for commercial businesses. It's not really something we need to make a resolution on...I don't think we need to make a resolution on "should we obey the law or not." Do we?
[2015/04/11 11:00]  Faye Blackheart: loll
[2015/04/11 11:01]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): ok
[2015/04/11 11:01]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): is there other discussion?
[2015/04/11 11:01]  Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): My question goes to a different point.
[2015/04/11 11:03]  Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): While I think it would be great ot have more rentals and I agree that we have to keep our rentals to elated entities, and especially avoid those who cheat, nonntheless, I think we need to have some sort of an anchor here at the sim so that people are drawn to come visit here.
[2015/04/11 11:03]  Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): The number of visitors is very low.
[2015/04/11 11:04]  Danny Dwyer: Yes, an activity that draws interest to the sim
[2015/04/11 11:04]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): yes our once a month CLE's and meetings result in overall very low traffic on the sim
[2015/04/11 11:04]  Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Can't we come up with some sort of a passive display that people would find tempting to review?
[2015/04/11 11:04]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): What about a "strictly educational" historical re-creation area?
[2015/04/11 11:04]  Danny Dwyer: maybe a "Law and Order" type of roll play
[2015/04/11 11:05]  Dr Mrs Goddess Depp MD (princessrosene): I have noticed people enjoy shopping, fashion shows, weddings, dancing, and fine dining.
[2015/04/11 11:05]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): We can cycle through different periods - set it up as medieval, then Roman, whatever works .... I never did get the point of dining in SL.
[2015/04/11 11:05]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): lol
[2015/04/11 11:05]  Danny Dwyer: lol
[2015/04/11 11:05]  Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): lol
[2015/04/11 11:05]  Dr Mrs Goddess Depp MD (princessrosene): Lol
[2015/04/11 11:05]  Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): I was thinking more in terms of a display or even an artists area.
[2015/04/11 11:06]  Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): A museum or sorts, perhaps.
[2015/04/11 11:06]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): An artists' area, to me, suggests "art work for sale."  Does anyone else think that is implied?
[2015/04/11 11:06]  Danny Dwyer: not neccesarily
[2015/04/11 11:06]  Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Thematic work, perhaps would be within the mandate.
[2015/04/11 11:07]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): well an art gallery could be implied sale, but not museuam
[2015/04/11 11:07]  Danny Dwyer: there are many art displays that are non profit or not for sale
[2015/04/11 11:07]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): *museum
[2015/04/11 11:07]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): A "Museum of Law" perhaps?
[2015/04/11 11:07]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): sure
[2015/04/11 11:07]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): As long as we keep everything educational and don't sell anything, it should be fairly safe
[2015/04/11 11:08]  Danny Dwyer: I think about the University of Western Australia, their art display, made by students, is not for saile
[2015/04/11 11:08]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): maybe some of the creators here could do a fashion show on our sim?
[2015/04/11 11:08]  Agenda Faromet: Has anyone done, or looked at, average visitor numbers to sims in 2015, to see what is normal and can be expected, and thus what sort of visitor numbers we /ought/ to be seeing?
[2015/04/11 11:08]  Dr Mrs Goddess Depp MD (princessrosene): Sounds ok.
[2015/04/11 11:09]  Agenda Faromet: ....Because I would hate for us to just get disappointed based on a hypothetical expectation with no data behind it.
[2015/04/11 11:10]  Danny Dwyer: the only thing I noticed is the numbers depend on how much the sim is promoted through the Destination Guide
[2015/04/11 11:10]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): /me nods
[2015/04/11 11:10]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): danny, yes that has an impact
[2015/04/11 11:10]  Agenda Faromet: /me nods. "We were in the Destination Guide at one point."
[2015/04/11 11:11]  Faye Blackheart: aren't we still?
[2015/04/11 11:11]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): I have to step out, talk to you all soon
[2015/04/11 11:12]  Agenda Faromet: I haven't checked. That'd be a good thing to look for. See you, Ellen!
[2015/04/11 11:12]  Faye Blackheart: bye ellen!
[2015/04/11 11:12]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): thanks ellen - bye
[2015/04/11 11:12]  Dr Mrs Goddess Depp MD (princessrosene): I was thinking also maybe a law school?
[2015/04/11 11:12]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): is offline.
[2015/04/11 11:12]  Faye Blackheart: NO ONE wants to go to law school lol, in SL or RL haha
[2015/04/11 11:12]  Dr Mrs Goddess Depp MD (princessrosene): Bye Ellen.
[2015/04/11 11:12]  Billie Virul (dragonflybillie): is offline.
[2015/04/11 11:12]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): i make my online students come to this sim for our review classes each semester
[2015/04/11 11:13]  Dr Mrs Goddess Depp MD (princessrosene): LOL
[2015/04/11 11:13]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): i have one on monday night
[2015/04/11 11:13]  Dr Mrs Goddess Depp MD (princessrosene): Ah
[2015/04/11 11:13]  Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): That's clever.
[2015/04/11 11:14]  Agenda Faromet: I just scrolled through the Education and Nonprofits section of the Destination Guide, and I don't see us.
[2015/04/11 11:14]  Dr Mrs Goddess Depp MD (princessrosene): Oh offer how to get a career as an Attorney on SL. Many are looking for careers.
[2015/04/11 11:14]  Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Goddess - various things have been tried in the past along those lines, but didn't get much traction.
[2015/04/11 11:14]  Danny Dwyer: I couldn't find the SLBA listed
[2015/04/11 11:14]  Dr Mrs Goddess Depp MD (princessrosene): Oh poo.
[2015/04/11 11:14]  Danny Dwyer: I always thought such a listing cost some hefty Lindens
[2015/04/11 11:15]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): for paid search yes
[2015/04/11 11:15]  Faye Blackheart: No, it doens't cost anything in the destination guide
[2015/04/11 11:15]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): LL controls the destination guide
[2015/04/11 11:15]  Faye Blackheart: if they put you up
[2015/04/11 11:15]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): i think the editor just has to be convinced we belong in it
[2015/04/11 11:15]  Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): I'm unsure if we already do this but what about teaming up with other non-profits in SL like RFL for an event or two, possibly on sim here, to draw traffic and expand name recognition.
[2015/04/11 11:15]  Faye Blackheart: we've probably pissed them off with our TOS talks so they blacklisted us haha
[2015/04/11 11:16]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): faye lol
[2015/04/11 11:16]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): maddy - good idea
[2015/04/11 11:16]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): would you be able to reach out to any contacts at other nonprofits to talk about it?
[2015/04/11 11:16]  Danny Dwyer: would not be surprised, Faye
[2015/04/11 11:16]  Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): I have some contacts in RFL whom I can reach out to
[2015/04/11 11:17]  Agenda Faromet: I've been trying to convince us to sponsor charity events for /ages/! But usually the answer has been, well, we don't have any money, so we can't actually pay to be a sponsor. And that's not how /sponsoring/ works.
[2015/04/11 11:17]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): that would be great, maddy
[2015/04/11 11:18]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): i noticed virtual ability had sponsored a virtual worlds conference last month
[2015/04/11 11:18]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): might be something for next year for us to be involved in
[2015/04/11 11:18]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): they had some good speakers for that
[2015/04/11 11:18]  Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): We have tried in the past to associate ourselves with other non-profits, but with limited success.
[2015/04/11 11:19]  Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): We really like Virtual Ability., for one.
[2015/04/11 11:19]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): lol
[2015/04/11 11:19]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): indeed
[2015/04/11 11:21]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): other discussion on this?
[2015/04/11 11:21]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): alright
[2015/04/11 11:21]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): we are over the meeting time
[2015/04/11 11:22]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): i move to adjourn
[2015/04/11 11:22]  Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): second
[2015/04/11 11:22]  Faye Blackheart: seconded!
[2015/04/11 11:22]  Agenda Faromet: Thirded!
[2015/04/11 11:22]  Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): :)
[2015/04/11 11:22]  Danny Dwyer: third
[2015/04/11 11:22]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): thank you all
[2015/04/11 11:22]  Danny Dwyer: fourth
[2015/04/11 11:22]  Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): lol
[2015/04/11 11:22]  Faye Blackheart: Good meeting, thanks Tim!
[2015/04/11 11:22]  Danny Dwyer: thanks Tim
[2015/04/11 11:22]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): hope you all come back for the 5/2 social event
[2015/04/11 11:22]  Faye Blackheart: I will be in the midst of final hell lol
[2015/04/11 11:22]  Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): lol
[2015/04/11 11:22]  Danny Dwyer: Ellen and I will try to make it look spectacular
[2015/04/11 11:22]  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): :)
[2015/04/11 11:23]  Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): I'm sure you will.
[2015/04/11 11:23]  Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): :)
[2015/04/11 11:23]  Agenda Faromet: /me grins.
[2015/04/11 11:24]  Faye Blackheart: later everyone!
[2015/04/11 11:24]  Danny Dwyer: bye Faye
[2015/04/11 11:24]  Dr Mrs Goddess Depp MD (princessrosene): Thank you Tim.
[2015/04/11 11:24]  Agenda Faromet: Bye, all! See you in May!
[2015/04/11 11:24]  Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): Bye
[2015/04/11 11:24]  Dr Mrs Goddess Depp MD (princessrosene): Bye all.
[2015/04/11 11:24]  Maddy Gwyneth Perennity (mehllama): See everyone later, nice to meet you all.
[2015/04/11 11:24]  Danny Dwyer: you bet, Tim.
[2015/04/11 11:24]  Danny Dwyer: have a good weekend, everyone
[2015/04/11 11:26]  Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Thank you everyone.

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