SL Bar Association

SL Bar Association

Meeting began:  10:00 AM SLT

Attendees:  Sam Courtois, Esq
                Tim Faith
                Agenda Faromet
                Treasure Ballinger
                Geri Kahn
                ElizabethEsq Resident

[10:00:36] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): and we can get started!
[10:00:43] Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): Looking good! Yes, let's
[10:00:47] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): That's awesome Agenda!
[10:01:02] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): Welcome
[10:01:11] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): we have the following agenda items today:
[10:01:16] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): 1. membership and finances
[10:01:17] Treasure Ballinger: brb, I'll scroll
[10:01:29] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): 2. 2014 SL presentation schedule
[10:01:43] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): 3. 2014-2015 elections for officers to the SLBA
[10:01:52] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): 4. Law Day for 2014 in May
[10:02:09] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): Any other agenda items from you guys?
[10:02:17] Agenda Faromet: Tim, I have two action items, one of which I discussed with you last week, the other of which Sam knows about.
[10:02:38] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): can you place those in chat?
[10:02:43] Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross) whispers: Sounds mysterious
[10:02:50] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): :)
[10:04:00] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): and if anyone else has an agenda item, please feel free to put it on the list!
[10:04:36] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): For Membership and Finance:
[10:04:43] Agenda Faromet: Yep. The first is complying with the ADA for our monthly presentations. We're doing those in voice, and we're not offering a text option or officially offering a transcript, and I've said before that that's a problem. We need to officially discuss it on record and find a solution.
[10:04:45] Agenda Faromet: Second: I'm redesigning the village. I'd hoped you'd have time to come see what I have in progress and give me feedback.
[10:05:08] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): ok, we will add those to our discussion today
[10:05:39] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): I cleaned up the group membership in-world. we have 52 active members. in 2013-2014, we have a total of 13 new members, with the balance as returning members.
[10:05:44] Agenda Faromet: (On that second item: the "you" is plural. I'd love for everyone to take a look and give me feedback.)
[10:06:02] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): we presently have L$130,787 in the bank
[10:06:08] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): Our expenses are similar to prior months
[10:06:25] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): we also enjoyed about L$4240 in donations after the March presentation
[10:06:33] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): :)
[10:06:34] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): thank you agenda for doing that with me
[10:06:40] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): correct
[10:06:47] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): It was a great presentation.
[10:06:54] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Thank you both.
[10:06:59] Agenda Faromet: Oh, man, thank you. That was /awesome/.
[10:07:10] Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross) nods
[10:07:21] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): we had a nice turn out for it, and i hope we can continue that trend in 2014
[10:07:29] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): for upcoming presentations:
[10:07:42] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): we have Ellen for April 5 for divorce coaching
[10:07:52] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): Geri has agreed to speak in June on Immigration Law
[10:07:55] Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): I should probably do that presentation as my "Ellen Ross Divorce Coach" alt.
[10:08:17] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): sure
[10:08:37] Treasure Ballinger: Are we going to remain in text now?
[10:08:39] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): We need to host Law Day activity in May, as well, Tim.
[10:08:40] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): yes
[10:08:45] Treasure Ballinger: ok
[10:08:46] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): and yes
[10:09:09] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): we do presentations on the first saturdays of each month
[10:09:09] Treasure Ballinger: and some new Law Day Tshirts
[10:09:21] Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): I would also like to work on Law Day.  I handled a Law Day event in 2012 for my local RL bar association (Fulton County, NY)
[10:09:29] Agenda Faromet: A reminder: we have much better turn-out when we can do plenty of advertising for these beforehand. The sooner our speakers get information to me, the sooner I can start advertising and get information out to bloggers who also advertise for us. Advertising on our Ning group doesn't reach anyone; please get information to /me/ well in advance.
[10:10:03] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): We have a SLBA t-shirt available to everyone who wants one. - free - Faye designed it. - comes in M&F
[10:10:16] Treasure Ballinger: Yes I have that
[10:10:19] Treasure Ballinger: from the NY sim
[10:10:30] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): I never got that one!
[10:10:33] Treasure Ballinger: I wish I could get one in RL, lol
[10:10:38] Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): Me either, I'd love to have one.
[10:10:46] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Come to my house at sea level and get it.
[10:10:46] Treasure Ballinger: They are on the NY sim office
[10:10:48] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): sure, we should get some RL t-shirts from "custom ink" !!
[10:10:50] Treasure Ballinger: SLBA office there
[10:11:08] Treasure Ballinger: We could, how fun!
[10:11:09] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): LOL. I didn't even know we had another SLBA office.
[10:11:13] Treasure Ballinger: lol
[10:11:38] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): We just couldn't have the dispenser here because of the prim expense.
[10:11:48] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): TY
[10:12:04] Treasure Ballinger: we do Elizabeth, I think it's just a parcel, not a lot of sim space?
[10:12:21] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): any other comments on the presentation schedule for 2014?
[10:12:56] Agenda Faromet: Tim, I'd be glad to do one on trademarks and trade dress for content creators. That's an area of some confusion. I don't know when we have open.
[10:13:03] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): New York City (83,37,24)
[10:13:10] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): the NY office that is courtesy Faye
10:13:27] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): agenda - when would you like to do that presentation?
[10:13:29] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): july?
[10:13:30] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Any time after June, Agenda.
[10:14:34] Agenda Faromet: Um, I'm not /touching/ the first Saturday in July. Ha ha ha no. I'll take August, though.
[10:14:42] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): done!
[10:14:46] Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross) smiles
[10:15:28] Agenda Faromet: Also, may I ask a quick, semi-off-topic question?
[10:16:08] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): any other presentation comments or potential speakers before we move off this topic?
[10:16:31] Agenda Faromet: Didn't we recently have a presentation on disability and health insurance? Who did that one?
[10:17:02] Treasure Ballinger: Geri?
[10:17:20] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): I did it on disability - Social Security
[10:17:20] Agenda Faromet: I /thought/ it was Geri, but I wasn't sure. She'd just done one on immigration.
[10:17:30] Agenda Faromet: Right, awesome. I'll IM you.
[10:17:43] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): Okay :)
[10:17:59] Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): So, should presenters have a written presentation ready to share in addition to voice?
[10:18:25] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): It would really help with ADA requirements.
[10:18:42] Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): OK, I can have mine on a notecard, ready to be distributed
[10:18:42] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): if possible, i think that will help
[10:18:55] Treasure Ballinger: If you are able to do both, voice and copy paste from a notecard, that's great
[10:19:09] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Absolutely.
10:19:15] Treasure Ballinger: that's the transcription issue we've been talking about.
[10:19:27] Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): Will do (and I will try to keep the dogs locked up to avoid them interfering with the voice part)
[10:19:29] Treasure Ballinger: SOme people just can't do it, they lose track on the notecard
[10:19:33] Agenda Faromet: Yes. I always have a written presentation ready to go with my spoken presentations. We can't afford transcription services, so that's the best option.
[10:19:49] Treasure Ballinger: I know Geri does. She's done presentations for Virtual Ability
[10:19:56] Treasure Ballinger: so is aware of how transcription works
[10:20:14] Treasure Ballinger: Yes I know, Agenda, it's not cheap/free.
[10:20:41] Treasure Ballinger: other than Gentle Heron, the transcribers are professions transcriptionists.
[10:20:49] Treasure Ballinger: who do cc for tv and such
[10:20:50] Agenda Faromet: Yeah. If voice to text is $50 US an hour, and we have $545 in our coffers, we would have to stop doing presentations before we could offer that.
[10:21:20] Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): Easier to have the text prepared in advance
[10:21:24] Agenda Faromet: Right.
[10:21:29] Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): and we could request that questions be asked in text rather than voice
[10:21:32] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Or good notes.
[10:21:35] Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): so those could be copied and pasted
[10:21:47] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Or a comprehensive power point.
[10:22:01] Treasure Ballinger: I've done presentations where right in the middle of it, my notecard disappears, or some other SL glitch happens
[10:22:08] Treasure Ballinger: something unavoidable
[10:22:08] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): the other thing i am working on for the march presentation is to have a transcribed recording available after the fact
[10:22:18] Treasure Ballinger: those times, transcriptionists are invaluable, lol
[10:22:21] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): inara pey is working on that but hasn't finished
[10:22:32] Treasure Ballinger: that's also acceptable
[10:22:41] Treasure Ballinger: for a transcription to be prepared
[10:22:43] Agenda Faromet: So far, we've asked for volunteers to help us with this. One important thing to remember is that we don't even provide our own recordings of our presentations; volunteers provide those.
[10:22:45] Treasure Ballinger: and posted later on the website
[10:22:50] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): i think doing the recording/transcription after has another value in posting on the web site
[10:22:56] Treasure Ballinger: sure
[10:23:01] Treasure Ballinger: draws to the websit
[10:23:03] Treasure Ballinger: e
[10:23:06] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): right
[10:23:23] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): i don't think there is any perfect solution, so we will just need to pick the best that we can do to move forward
[10:23:50] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): any other presentation/presenter comments?
[10:24:12] Agenda Faromet: Exactly. I think the best option is to remind presenters that it's their obligation to provide written notes, and otherwise rely on volunteers.
[10:24:21] Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross) nods
[10:24:45] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): As long as people don't expect notes to be a transcribed prewritten speech!
[10:25:02] Agenda Faromet laughs.
[10:25:03] Treasure Ballinger: sometimes people will ask you
[10:25:09] Treasure Ballinger: if they can have a copy of your speech.
[10:25:15] Treasure Ballinger: I think that's over the top personally
[10:25:33] Treasure Ballinger: when a transcript can be provided later
[10:25:40] Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): Well, I'm planning to have something prepared that can be shared, but that's because I have an interest in promoting divorce coaching.
[10:26:43] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): any other presentation-related discussion?
[10:26:56] Agenda Faromet: Yeah, people may have overly high expectations. I think if they're able to get the heart of the information in your notes, that's plenty. I do a lot of CLEs for the ABA and state bar, and they don't provide transcripts or signing...but if your presentation is more than an hour long, you're required to have written materials.
[10:27:16] Treasure Ballinger: that's interesting
[10:28:58] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): People pre-register for CLE meetings.
[10:29:45] Agenda Faromet: I don't know how you'd do real-time captioning for a teleconference. Those are held over the phone.
[10:30:13] Treasure Ballinger: Right, understood. You probably just don't have anyone who requeires some type of accomodation
[10:30:43] Treasure Ballinger: anyway carry on, I didn't mean to derail.
[10:31:22] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): bottom line is that we do want to be available to all, and we need to balance that against what is practical that we can do
[10:31:28] Agenda Faromet: No, we definitely do. They'd just have to make their arrangements at registration. It's a lot different, as Elizabeth said, when you pre-register and are able to make accommodations ahead of time, as opposed to our events which are open to the public.
[10:32:49] Treasure Ballinger: I'm going to send you each a Speakeasy HUD. You can play around with it, it reads notecards in paragraphs with a single click
[10:32:59] Treasure Ballinger: it's much easier than copy pasting for presentations
[10:33:04] Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): I love that idea!  Thank you!
[10:33:10] Treasure Ballinger: for those who don't speak extemporaneously
[10:33:27] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): I assumed there had to be something in SL to do that.
[10:33:29] Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): Is it copyable?
[10:33:35] Treasure Ballinger: yes it's full perm
[10:33:47] Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): Excellent.  Thank you
[10:34:26] Treasure Ballinger: I'll make sure my personal notecard from my las tpresentation is wiped clean then will send it to you all
[10:34:42] Treasure Ballinger: you just put your own info on the notecard in it and it reads in small paragraphs
[10:35:24] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): thank you treasure for sharing that idea
[10:35:29] Treasure Ballinger: sure
[10:35:33] Treasure Ballinger: it's an option
[10:35:57] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): any other discussion on this item in the agenda?
[10:37:14] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): i'd like to talk about Law Day for 2014
[10:37:27] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): anyone care to share experiences with our 2013 event?
[10:37:41] Agenda Faromet: What was our 2013 event?
[10:38:40] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): or was it 2012?
[10:38:58] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): have i just experienced a senior moment?
[10:39:13] Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): No SLBA Law Day experiences to share, but I would like to volunteer for 2014
[10:39:23] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): thank you ellen
[10:39:36] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): agenda, it is my recollection that we had some vendors and speakers for a prior law day
[10:39:48] Treasure Ballinger: and tshirts!
[10:39:52] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): is that a misremembering event on my part?
[10:40:17] Agenda Faromet: We had a really successful Law Day 2012 event, when we reached out and got the community involved, and had a number of vendors donate items so we could have a market event. That was fantastic. I don't think we did anything for 2013.
[10:40:37] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): now even the years have run together
[10:40:47] Treasure Ballinger: It must be 2012 I'm remembering, too, I remember the vendors
[10:41:08] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): is there interest in organizing activities for this Law Day by the group?
[10:41:25] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Yeah - someone fell down on the job last year!
[10:41:28] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): Elizabeth, did you have any ABA materials on 2014 available?
[10:41:38] Agenda Faromet glares at Sam.
[10:41:38] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): sam, I blame society
[10:41:43] Treasure Ballinger: LOL
[10:41:44] Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross) giggles
[10:41:46] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): HOld on, let me check.
[10:41:54] Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): The website has lots of stuff
[10:42:18] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): I think it ws the president, Agenda, not the the stalwarts.
[10:42:21] Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross):
[10:42:25] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): do you think, agenda, that vendors would be interested in coming to such an event in 2014?
[10:42:33] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): I have some things and the ABA site has a whole [10:43:11] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): on democracy & being a good citizen
[10:43:16] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Can we redsitribute the ABA materials without violating copyrights?
[10:43:26] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): I think that's why the ABA has it out.
[10:43:30] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Or do we need permission?
[10:43:43] Agenda Faromet: Tim, they might, but I don't have the time to organize and run it. The reason nothing happened in 2013 was because the 2012 event was pretty much entirely on my shoulders and took up a lot of my time, which was okay in 2012, but I haven't had that kind of time since.
[10:43:44] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): If it's free, we can use and distribute from my understanding. I'll look further.
[10:43:48] Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): I believe it can be used for all Law Day events but I will confirm that.
[10:44:38] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): yes, i appreciate it takes time to organize, and want to make sure the royal "we" is up to that this year.
[10:44:39] Agenda Faromet: (And that's correct, from my recollection the ABA encourages organizations to use their Law Day materials.)
[10:44:39] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Perhaps we could set up a dispenser in the Building.
[10:44:56] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): and by "we" i also hope more than one "we"
[10:45:08] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): ALso, they give you downloadable artwork on the site. Seems to be exactly for that purpose.
[10:45:31] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): What is needed is a delegater in chief..
[10:45:46] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): or we should only take on what all have the time to do - i don't want this to get dumped onto any one person's lap because that is not fair
[10:45:46] Treasure Ballinger: Sorry I have to run, RL calls. Have a great rest of your Day!
[10:45:56] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): bye treasure
[10:46:26] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Bye Treasure - thank you so much for your input.
[10:46:29] Agenda Faromet: To a great extent, it'll take me or Sam. A large part of the time involved is recruiting the vendors, managing the vendors, helping them get set up (which requires inviting them into the land group and giving them the right permissions etc), and so on.
[10:46:30] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Bye Treasure.
``[10:47:11] Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): I would be willing to volunteer to coordinate the rest of it, working with Agenda or Sam
[10:47:25] Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): (or both)
[10:47:44] Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): I'm not in-world that much but I can be reached easily on Facebook
[10:48:16] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): is there a list of past vendors that could be used to reach out today?
[10:48:53] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): We have often spoken about getting in the Destinations list etc. Have we ever figured out quite how to do that?
[10:48:57] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): absent that, what would we want to have as a law day activity?
10:49:01] Agenda Faromet: Yeah...let me contact some people. If Sam's willing to do the management and cat-herding, I'll recruit people.
[10:49:12] Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): Since this year's theme is voting, it should relate to the theme
[10:49:21] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): I'm great with cats.
[10:49:27] Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross) giggles
[10:49:29] Agenda Faromet: I believe that.
[10:49:37] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): There are some good topic ideas in the booklet too.
[10:49:40] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): ellen, what has worked for this kind of activity in your RL experience?
[10:49:50] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): should we line up a speaker on voting?
[10:49:52] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Perhaps we could get a communiuty organizer to speak????
[10:50:09] Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): IRL the local bar associations generally reach out to schools and get teachers and students involved.
[10:50:28] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): OK - SueMoon and the education communiyty!
[10:50:44] Agenda Faromet: Oh, that'd be great!
[10:50:48] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): She's not here to defend herself.
[10:51:00] Agenda Faromet: I love volunteering people when they're absent!
[10:51:31] Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): I wonder how complicated it would be to set up a simulated "voting booth" experience.
[10:51:31] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): I move we designate SueMoon to be in charge of the presentation.
[10:52:03] Agenda Faromet: Ellen: I'll get Ewan on it.
[10:52:47] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): What day are we talking about? May 3 is the first Saturday .
[10:53:10] Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): May 3 sounds good to me
[10:53:12] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): it could be may 3 in lieu of another presenter
[10:53:21] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): i think in 2012 we ended up with law month
[10:53:26] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): which is also fine
[10:53:40] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): The speaker for Law Day will end up being the speaker for May. LOL
[10:53:50] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): The vendors can be here all month - it would be a free situs for them.
[10:53:55] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): i suppose we could also have a box of some of the ABA materials for people interested꽨ɽ?10:54:14] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Lots of boxes - everyone loves freebies!
[10:54:21] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): If we can figure out how to get them onto SL. :-)
[10:54:23] Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross) smiles
[10:54:32] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): i want the coloring book!
[10:54:41] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Can't we use the scales we ahve as gift boxes?
[10:55:08] Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): Do we want to get into anything controversial?  For example, having people demand some kind of identification?
[10:55:08] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): well, they get, not give
[10:55:10] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): We'll have to vote on that Tim.
[10:55:24] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): :(
[10:55:28] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Urgh.
[10:55:34] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): hanging chads, too
[10:55:43] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): LOL - Photo free ID's!
[10:56:19] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Not to be a nudge, but we have to move on with the agenda.:-) *looks at the clock*
10:56:27] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): yes, elizabeth, we will probably need to convert and upload the pdf's into .png's
[10:56:29] Agenda Faromet: Sam: we can't give out the scales, they're no transfer. We didn't make them, Ewan made them and kindly donated them to us. However, we'll see what vendors come up with.
[10:56:39] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): There is a program somewhere in SL that grabs your profile picture and posts it on the wall.
[10:57:05] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): CAn't that be conversted into an ID tag as well?
[10:57:13] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): converted*
[10:57:14] Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): Good idea
[10:57:20] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): ok, ellen, you are in charge. please work with agenda and sam on the vendors, and suemoon on presenters
[10:57:37] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): we will need to find someone to present on may 3 on the applicable topic
[10:57:46] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Yeah - Ellen - you tell SueMoond what she needs to do!
[10:57:58] Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): Thank you.  Sam already has my Facebook info.  Agenda, I will send you the link to my FB.  THat's the best way to reach me when I am not in-world
[10:58:01] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): right, because i said so
[10:58:03] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): that should work!
[10:58:35] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): last item is the upcoming elections
[10:58:54] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Do you have proper identification?
[10:58:54] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): if you want to be an officer or on the exec. comm, be sure to run once we open the slates on the SLBA site
[10:58:54] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): if you want to be an officer or on the exec. comm, be sure to run once we open the slates on the SLBA site
[10:59:14] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): elections are in june
[10:59:24] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): members may vote and renew dues at the same time
[10:59:36] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Hmmm.
[10:59:47] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): sam, is that you wanting to be president again?
[11:00:13] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): I suggest that people have the month of June to pay their dues, and that we hold elections in July .....
[11:00:16] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): :)
[11:00:26] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): oh, right, july is the vote
[11:00:31] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): you are right
[11:00:51] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Actually, I was thinking that we should just skip elections altogether and declare Tim as president for life.
[11:01:08] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): we would have to have a coup and change the constitution
[11:01:12] Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): *giggle*  *snort*
[11:01:29] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): If nominated, I will not run; if elected, I will not serve.
[11:01:42] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): perfect
[11:01:50] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): heheheh
[11:02:05] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): please also provide agenda with feedback on the sim changes
[11:02:16] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): (Been there, done that, got the t-short.))
[11:02:24] Agenda Faromet: They have T-shorts now?
[11:02:25] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): agenda, do you want to post where things are different so we can take a look?
[11:02:33] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): t-shirt*
[11:02:56] Agenda Faromet: Nope. I want to teleport you guys up there right the nows, because I'm going to take the build down in a day or so.
[11:02:59] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): yes, wee-little shirts
[11:03:14] Agenda Faromet: It's very heavy on the land impact; I can't just leave it up.
[11:03:16] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): does everyone have a minute to visit?
[11:03:41] Agenda Faromet: Cool! Are we ready? We're not adjourned. Or are we?
[11:03:42] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): excellent
[11:03:42] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Are we adjournign the meeting too?
[11:03:44] Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): meeting adjourned
[11:03:47] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): adjourning*
[11:03:48] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): lol
[11:03:49] Agenda Faromet: YAY

Adjourned:  11:04 AM SLT

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