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General Meeting 12-13-14
Attendance:  Tim Faith, Sam Courtois, Esq., Faye Blackheart, Juris Amat, Agenda Faromet, Ellen Ross, Geri Kahn, Treasure Ballinger, Kirsten McLeod, Jerkwad Borkotron

1. Discussed membership - approximately 20 or so members.
2. Upcoming activities:
        1/3 Faye - Punitive Damages
        Holiday Party after the presentation
        February - 2 presentations - Ellen, Juris
        May - Law Day
Trademark Law Presentation

Speakers for next year need to get lined up.

Virtual Law Presentation - is also online to get to.

3.  Law Day 2015 - 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta topic.  Perhaps we could reach out to people in the history field on SL to join us in the day..
    Topics to discuss?
        Police militarization?
        1215 in Britain and then work with current topics.
        Net neutrality - Human rights and privacy

Kirsten - group that deals with newcomers to SL to try to make them feel comfortable on SL..  Mensa group inworld meeting.

4.  Holiday party - January 3 at Justitia; Agenda is decorating

5. Finances:  At end of year, Ellen will be taking over finances.
381,833L in the bank as of 12/13/14

45% of units rented; 3 overdue units
US $147.50 due by 25th of each month for the sim.

November Rental Income @ L$48,700 expense - @L$37,000
December Rental Income @L$33,504

In a good position right now.  Thank you for participating and helping with that.

6.  Juris - CLE programs
    If it will be more than 4 CA CLE credits in the year.  If it's being held in CA or in this format need to be approved by CA Bar. Single or Multiple status.  Multi-provider status can be renewed, needs to be applied for and you pay a fee every year.  Each single activity $75.00 fee; submission requirements, speaker biographies, written materials, etc.
Reciprocity.  Look into it further.
    Notice needs to go out in advance for webinars, etc.
Will have further discussion on it in January.

Meeting adjourned at  11:09SLT


ElizabethEsq. Resident

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