SL Bar Association

SL Bar Association

10:00 am.

Present: Sam4 Courtois, Soro Dagostino, ElizabethEsq, Yoss Kamachi (Tim Faith), Treasure Ballinger, Starlight Darkmatter, Haplo Eberhart, Princessrosene.

Presentations:  Talked with Soro about the possibility of a presentation about CDS.

Thank you for the decorations and work done by Agenda and Ellen on the holiday party.

New Member Introductions:  Haplo Eberhart and Princessrosene.

Treasurer's Report:  
 Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): we presently have L$131,277 in the bank
 Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): and 45 paid members for 2013-2014  
        (45 x 500L = L22,500)
  Tim Faith (yoss.kamachi): our expenses are about L$4200/month

SLBA T-Shirts available at NY Office:   NYC office: New York City (83,37,24)

Dues are due in June.  You have to be a paid member to vote.  Elections are in July.

Membership dues:  Put together the various options with regard to membership dues (i.e. raising rates, possibly adding an associate membership, etc.) and vote on what to do when we have a quorum at the meeting.

Passed the gavel over to Tim as the new President of the Bar Association.

Meeting ended at 10:52 AM SLT.

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