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More details on Oct 10 meeting minutes

Topics covered were:

1. Careers Fair, Nov. 14, after SLBA meeting. Morgandy Muircastle has done a lot of work organizing it. All the SLBA members to come participate in the discussion. These are not hour long presentations, but rather hour long discussions roughly focused on a couple different aspects of practice.
2. Permanent home. Benjamin Noble's proposal to transition our temporary location here to a permanent location. He would purchase the land, and pass along the cost for us to pay tier, at no markup. Comment in the forums.
3. Speaker series. Contact Cat Galileo with speaker suggestions.
4. Holiday party. Geri Kuhn is head of committee & $30 expense was authorized for costs. Contact her if you want to help with party or venue.
5. Sections of the association. Higgs Wopat is acting as "Section Catalyst" to recruit section leaders. Contact him if you want to run a section.

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