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Here is the discussion from 9/12 General Meeting:

[10:55] Morgandy Muircastle: the cross cultural aspects of SL is a great platform for elimination of bias.
[10:55] Geri Kuhn: Yes, very true Morgandy
[10:55] Michele Jigsaw: it could be
[10:56] Michele Jigsaw: but thats not a full reality in SL
[10:56] Michele Jigsaw: lots of bias still here
[10:56] Geri Kuhn: Yes...
[10:56] Soro Dagostino: Women's Rights in Afganistan?
[10:56] Cat Galileo: well, that's part of the point of the talk, perhaps
[10:56] Morgandy Muircastle: right, that's why we keep trying
[10:56] jamiebryce Infinity: oh i have an evil idea about eliminstion of bias :) Geri, I will pick that one up in e mail maybe
[10:56] Legal Writer: I have wondered about an elimination of bias program directed to elimination of bias against furries.
[10:56] jamiebryce Infinity: there si *plenty* of bias in SL -
[10:56] Michele Jigsaw: I recently attended a conference on uses of virtual technology in peace building
[10:56] Michele Jigsaw: it was fascinating
[10:56] Geri Kuhn smiles at Legal. Very interesting
[10:57] jamiebryce Infinity: Legal, i fyou noew what "yiff" means, you'll know that a furried issue is not just necessarily about SL animal costumes :)
[10:57] Legal Writer: Seriously, what have we done to reach out to the furry community for the sake of diversity?
[10:57] Michele Jigsaw: not just bias against furroes but against avatars of color just like in RL
[10:57] Henri DeCuir is Online
[10:57] Legal Writer: Exactly
[10:57] Legal Writer: There are many issues about bias, that are different in a virtual world.
[10:58] Cat Galileo: I'm not sure what the requirements are to qualify as CLE on elim. of bias, but it could be quite interesting
[10:58] jamiebryce Infinity: let's see if some people are moved to bring us proposals on this one :)
[10:58] Legal Writer: I bet we could get some buzz about this if we offered an elim of bias course devoted to elim of bias against various kinds of avatars.
[10:58] Geri Kuhn: It would be a great talk
[10:59] Legal Writer: There are gender issues of same gender avatars in real life, and also cross-gender avatar issues.
[10:59] Geri Kuhn: Also disability issues
[11:00] Benjamin Noble: And prejudice against anonymity.
[11:00] Cat Galileo: if you have ideas on a speaker program, or want to volunteer for one, or etc, let me or Geri know.
[11:00] Bursar Bearsfoot is Offline
[11:00] Legal Writer: Does anyone know some diverse avatars we could put on a panel?
[11:00] Rose Springvale: does anyone not??
[11:00] Dewey Whybrow: Not to be too boring, but how about legal aspects of RL corporate/government presence in SL.
[11:00] Michele Jigsaw: what do you mean diverse?
[11:00] Benjamin Noble: Little Grey (sp?) of the Avatar Civil Liberties Union.
[11:00] Legal Writer: I mean I hold myself out as an avatar of color, being a person of color in RL.
[11:01] jamiebryce Infinity: other than, say, the ones in this room, Legal? (faint smile)
[11:01] Legal Writer: Anyone know lawyers who have furry avatars?
[11:01] Michele Jigsaw: .sigh
[11:01] Michele Jigsaw: is that our definition of diversity here? furry?
[11:02] Legal Writer: No.
[11:02] Legal Writer: We could have all kinds of avatars like what we listed earlier.
[11:02] Legal Writer: But I think a program that included a panel of various kinds of folks/avatars that included a furry would get a lot of publicity.
[11:02] Cat Galileo: furry is one community, gender issues, avatars of color/people of color, international, religious, lifestyle/sexual style, etc
[11:03] Cat Galileo: non-human ㋡
[11:03] DanielPerry Laa: Sorrty, but the furry presence may put some attendees off - until they becoem familiar with the culture
[11:03] Soro Dagostino: Hmmm, isn't there one big difference in SL?
[11:03] Cat Galileo: you choose your avatar?
[11:03] Soro Dagostino: Everyone has a choice.
[11:04] Lexis Looming is Offline
[11:04] Cat Galileo: that in itself is intreresting as a reflection of RL attitudes, etc
[11:04] Soro Dagostino: In RL, you don't.
[11:04] Legal Writer: I should add that part of our mission is to break down barriers and to reach out to a diverse group.
[11:04] DanielPerry Laa: If we want to keep interest we should probably stick to humanoids (did I really just write that?)
[11:04] Legal Writer: Not sure that I agree, Daniel.
[11:04] Benjamin Noble: And even within SL, there are issues such as between anonymous and identified avatars.
[11:04] Cat Galileo: you choose your avi, and you can change accd. to mood
[11:05] Rose Springvale: oh, you might start that way, and have your panel switch skins as the program progresses..
[11:05] Benjamin Noble: I think former board member Jessica might be good to talk about that
[11:05] Cat Galileo: anyway - this is an interesting discussion, sounds like we could have a lively debate
[11:05] jamiebryce Infinity: um .. kids .. insteda of writing a syllabus on the fly here, can we get some program proposals sent in?
[11:05] Dewey Whybrow: If folks are interested in religion/faith issues, I'd be happy to coordinate with folks from the Anglican Cathedral
[11:05] Cat Galileo: in interest of time tho let's move on
[11:05] Cat Galileo:
[11:05] DanielPerry Laa: Switching skins might be a great idea!
[11:05] Lexis Looming is Online
[11:05] Cat Galileo: is a forum I just set up to discuss
[11:05] Legal Writer: Anyway, we are past our time. If people can discuss with Cat about possible speakers, that would be great.
[11:05] jamiebryce Infinity: excellent :)
[11:05] Rose Springvale: we have a nice resource in Al andalus for religious diversity if you wish
[11:06] Benjamin Noble: good plan

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