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[10:08] Sam Courtois. Esq.: I sdon't recall who the presentere is next month.

[10:08] Hector Cuprill Jr Esquire: No, not me yet. I am a noob and a novice.

[10:08] Sam Courtois. Esq.: LOL

[10:09] Sam Courtois. Esq.: Well, I am glad that you plan to bring guests!

[10:09] Hector Cuprill Jr Esquire: I have to figure out how to do the Powerpoints

[10:09] Hector Cuprill Jr Esquire: in RL

[10:09] Hector Cuprill Jr Esquire: and SL

[10:09] lexpert: Morning everyone.

[10:09] Sam Courtois. Esq.: We had a great turn out last Saturday.

[10:09] Hector Cuprill Jr Esquire: morning

[10:09] Faye Blackheart: was that the SL land CLE?

[10:09] Elizabeth: I'm glad last week's presentation went well! I wish I could have been there.

[10:10] Hector Cuprill Jr Esquire: me too

[10:10] Sam Courtois. Esq.: Yes, you were conspicuous by your absence.

[10:10] Sam Courtois. Esq.: both of you.

[10:10] zenitram: it was a good elementary discussion on buying/selling SL land, but it was light on the legal issues

[10:10] Faye Blackheart: it was a great presentation though, lots of dialogue

[10:10] Hector Cuprill Jr Esquire: I am trying to stay upbeat. My mother age 63 Lymphoma diagnosis. She will undergo treatment

[10:10] Lyra Snowpaw: Hector I have a slide show you can use

[10:11] Hector Cuprill Jr Esquire: Thanks Lyra

[10:11] Sam Courtois. Esq.: So sorry to hear that. Of course, RL always prevails.

[10:11] Hector Cuprill Jr Esquire: I am not one to cry too much but I sure did when Dad sent me the e-mail of her Diagnosis after the Bone Marrow results

[10:11] Elizabeth: I'm so sorry to hear that about your mother Hector. I know what that is like.

[10:12] Sam Courtois. Esq.: Anyhow, Lyra- you were speaking about last week when I arrived. Do you want to continue with that?

[10:12] Sam Courtois. Esq.: I need to go AFK for a minute

[10:13] Elizabeth: hb

[10:13] Sam Courtois. Esq.: Geri will take over until I get back.

[10:13] Lyra Snowpaw: Ah ok, well Sam and Tim and i had a short discussion after last week's presentation

[10:13] Geri Kahn: Hopefully he'll be back soon

[10:14] Geri Kahn: Thanks Lyra, please continue

[10:14] Lyra Snowpaw: And some ideas were tossed about based on the nice turnout at Gracie's presentation

[10:14] Lyra Snowpaw: So we have presentations set up for each month until early 2014

[10:15] Elizabeth: That's wonderful!

[10:15] Faye Blackheart: awesome

[10:15] Lyra Snowpaw: some moths will have more than one presentation

[10:15] Lyra Snowpaw: We discussed broadening the reach for those interested but not on SL

[10:15] Hector Cuprill Jr Esquire: I am going sit down and calendar all

[10:15] zenitram: is a schedule posted?

[10:15] Geri Kahn: yes

[10:15] Geri Kahn:

[10:16] Lyra Snowpaw: I No schedule posted yet I think on the sim

[10:16] Geri Kahn: wrong website let me try again

[10:16] Lyra Snowpaw: So a couple of ideas we had:

[10:16] Geri Kahn:

[10:16] Hector Cuprill Jr Esquire: I saw a schedule earlier in the SL BAR website

[10:16] Geri Kahn: Yes they are listed there

[10:16] Lyra Snowpaw: posting the presentations on the website as a webinar

[10:16] zenitram: I see it

[10:17] Elizabeth: If we don't have one already, maybe we should do an upcoming events sign or calendar of upcoming events at the door of the building. I can see if I can find one to put up.

[10:17] Lyra Snowpaw: possibly on-dmand and for a small fee

[10:17] Lyra Snowpaw: We also discussed the RL structure of the organzation-and Geri has confirmed we are a non-profit

[10:17] ElizabethElizabeth nods.

[10:17] Lyra Snowpaw: and the possibility of adding the option of making a donation via PayPal on the website

[10:18] Lyra Snowpaw: Sam mentioned that he would like to see a broad array of topics presented--and on varying levels

[10:18] Lyra Snowpaw: so not just CLEs

[10:19] Lyra Snowpaw: but programs for regular SL users on general legal topics that would be useful

[10:19] zenitram: that opens up a wide range of topics

[10:20] Lyra Snowpaw: So Tim was loking into getting a PayPal option onto the website and I am looking into formats for webinars

[10:20] Geri Kahn: Any thoughts about what Lyra has said?

[10:20] Elizabeth: That can be interesting. The only thing we have to be careful of when we do that is not to be giving legal advice as that can get us in trouble - at least in NY, we can get in trouble for it.

[10:20] Faye Blackheart: would these webinars be voice or typing in local chat?

[10:21] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: lexpert Resident (8m)

[10:21] Lyra Snowpaw: Well we usually do all presentations in voice

[10:21] Geri Kahn: Good point Elizabeth, maybe we should give a little disclaimer before we begin each talk.

[10:21] Elizabeth: Yes, and again at the end. :-)

[10:22] zenitram: disclaimers are a must

[10:22] Faye BlackheartFaye Blackheart nods

[10:22] zenitram: lawyerist blog has a good piece on that

[10:22] zenitram:

[10:22] Lyra Snowpaw: As long as we keep actual legal questions based on RL circumstances out of chat too we should be ok

[10:22] Geri Kahn: Our next talk is in June on Online Resolution of IPR disputes. Is Agenda doing that one?

[10:23] Elizabeth: Great article Zen, thank you!

[10:24] Geri Kahn: Guess we don't know, well I think she is.

[10:24] Faye Blackheart: Oh I'm going to that one!

[10:24] Geri Kahn: Yeah should be good.

[10:24] Elizabeth: I am not aware of who is doing it Geri, Sorry.

[10:24] Geri Kahn: Is there other new business to discuss?

[10:25] Sam Courtois. Esq.: Hello all, I'm back

[10:25] Lyra Snowpaw: Yes

[10:25] Faye Blackheart: wb

[10:25] Geri Kahn: Oh good

[10:25] Sam Courtois. Esq.: Thank you Geri.

[10:25] Geri Kahn: It is back to you

[10:25] Lyra Snowpaw: We also briefly discussed publicizing our events on our respective FB pages

[10:26] zenitram: I recall some time back a reference that there were two SLBA FB pages ...

[10:26] Sam Courtois. Esq.: Apologies to all - It is a sunny day today where I am, and that causes so much confusion in my life.

[10:26] Sam Courtois. Esq.: Not accustomed to that on a weekend!

[10:26] zenitram: has that been sorted out?

[10:26] Hector Cuprill Jr Esquire: :D

[10:26] Sam Courtois. Esq.: Thank you

[10:26] Sam Courtois. Esq.: both Geri and Lrya-

[10:26] Faye Blackheart: Ha, me too! It's so nice out in Seattle, I'm's May

[10:27] ElizabethElizabeth smiles.

[10:27] zenitram: sunshine in Seattle? a sign of the apocalypse

[10:27] Sam Courtois. Esq.: The conversation was excellent last week after the presentation.

[10:27] Sam Courtois. Esq.: Next month, we mus collect dues, and after that we will have elections.

[10:27] Sam Courtois. Esq.: must*

[10:28] Sam Courtois. Esq.: We need to maximize out membership to the extent possible.

[10:28] ElizabethElizabeth nods

[10:28] Hector Cuprill Jr Esquire: agreed

[10:28] Sam Courtois. Esq.: Please reach out to all your Sl friends and acquaintances and share with them what we are doing.

[10:29] Sam Courtois. Esq.: Our speakewr programs have been excellent, and as has been noted, we are booked through February.

[10:29] Lyra Snowpaw: On a side note, are we the only virtual Bar Association out there? If so, perhaps we need to look at broadening our reach

[10:29] Sam Courtois. Esq.: We are now double booking at least September.

[10:30] Hector Cuprill Jr Esquire: Is there a contingency plan such as to have a presence in all virtual worlds? Might not be a bad idea. Such as Open Sim etc

[10:30] Sam Courtois. Esq.: Speaking of boradening our reaqch, I must immodestly mention that we got some good coverage inthe Washington (DC) Lawyer magazine this month.

[10:30] ElizabethElizabeth smiles, "It was an excellent article."

[10:31] Faye Blackheart: what!

[10:31] Geri Kahn: Is it online?

[10:31] Geri Kahn: Can we read it?

[10:31] Sam Courtois. Esq.: If anyone is interested, I would be happy to share the link.

[10:31] Faye Blackheart: yes please

[10:31] Sam Courtois. Esq.: I ahve asked Yoss to post it on the ning site as well.

[10:31] Hector Cuprill Jr Esquire: Did it mention a Tall Dark and Handsome Hispanic Lawyer Avatar? :D

[10:32] Geri KahnGeri Kahn laughs.

[10:32] Faye Blackheart: haha

[10:32] Sam Courtois. Esq.: I think there was something about a blue avatar, if you would care to amend your appearance.

[10:32] Geri Kahn: Well maybe you should write an article, Hector, for another publication.

[10:32] zenitram: powerz of google

[10:32] zenitram:

[10:32] Hector Cuprill Jr Esquire: haha

[10:32] Sam Courtois. Esq.: Thank you Zen

[10:33] Lyra Snowpaw: wow, rs is magic

[10:33] Sam Courtois. Esq.: It did mention a fat old guy, but that was as close it it came to the folks in this room.

[10:33] zenitram: :)

[10:33] Sam Courtois. Esq.: As for elections, I urge each of you to consider standing for either an office or the executive committee.

[10:34] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Lincoln Beck (5m)

[10:35] Sam Courtois. Esq.: We have some really fine people inthe group, and I think we are taking the association in a dynamic new direction.

[10:35] Hector Cuprill Jr Esquire: Welcome Lincoln!

[10:35] Sam Courtois. Esq.: Welcome Linc.

[10:35] Elizabeth: Hi Lincoln!

[10:35] Lincoln Beck: welcome everyone :)

[10:35] Faye Blackheart: Will there be a list of offices on the website?

[10:37] Sam Courtois. Esq.: I believe it is posted.

[10:40] Sam Courtois. Esq.: As everyone can tell, I am somewhat distracted this morning; so we might wind up having a short meeting, especially since Yoss and Agenda couldn't make it, and we need their reports.

[10:41] Sam Courtois. Esq.: However, is there anything else that anyone wnats to bring up for the good fo th order? P_lease note that Agenda has been working her tail off with regard to the appearance of the SIM and the Vilalge especially. Be certain to express your appreciation to her.

[10:41] Elizabeth: It's ok, it happens! RL has a funny way of getting busy when you least expect it.

[10:41] Lyra Snowpaw: Don't let Sam fool you he is out fly fishing and conducting this meeting via his iphone

[10:41] ElizabethElizabeth laughs

[10:41] Hector Cuprill Jr Esquire: Yes, would it be a good idea for someone to secure the SL BAR name as agroup in other virtual worlds. I can count about 4 other worlds.

[10:42] Geri Kahn: You , also, Sam have put a lot of work into the SLBA. Both you and Agenda should be commended.

[10:42] Sam Courtois. Esq.: Actually, my iPad, and it's not fly fishing, it is shrimping in Puget Sound!

[10:42] Elizabeth: absolutely

[10:42] Hector Cuprill Jr Esquire: BTW, the Lumiya App for SL (Android only) it's an awesome way to log in.

[10:42] Lyra Snowpaw: I knew it

[10:42] Elizabeth: LOL

[10:42] Lyra Snowpaw: El Jefe is busted cold

[10:43] Geri Kahn: Well I move to adjourn unless there is something else

[10:43] Elizabeth: You have to tell me what app you are using that allows you to move around! Mine doesn't let me see anything.

[10:43] Faye Blackheart: Is Agenda working on replacing the building in front of us?

[10:43] Elizabeth: Motion seconded.

[10:43] Hector Cuprill Jr Esquire: Lumiya for Droid--not iphone yer

[10:43] Hector Cuprill Jr Esquire: yet

[10:43] Sam Courtois. Esq.: (I only wish that what I was saying was true!)

[10:43] ElizabethElizabeth laughs harder.

[10:44] Sam Courtois. Esq.: Which building are you referring to, Faye?

[10:44] Faye Blackheart: the one I was going to move into

[10:44] Sam Courtois. Esq.: It's ready for you. I even moved the rent box. I thought that you knew that.

[10:44] Faye Blackheart: lol oh

[10:45] Sam Courtois. Esq.: Sorry.

[10:45] Faye Blackheart: no, haha

[10:45] Sam Courtois. Esq.: My bad.

[10:45] Hector Cuprill Jr Esquire: I will always keep a principal office here

[10:45] Faye Blackheart: that's ok, I'll move stuff today, wonderful!

[10:45] Hector Cuprill Jr Esquire: Opened a Second one at a Popular Night club and it works

[10:45] Elizabeth: Nice!


[10:46] Lyra Snowpaw: I think we have a motion on the floor to adjourn until next month

[10:46] Elizabeth: I have one down below on the mainland, and a second up here.

[10:46] Faye Blackheart: yeah, it's nice having lots of offices all together here

[10:46] Sam Courtois. Esq.: Please do, Zen - we have lots of nice space for you.

[10:46] Lyra Snowpaw: There are still ofices available on the sim for rent

[10:46] ElizabethElizabeth smiles

[10:46] Faye Blackheart: gives a nice legal community feeling

[10:46] Hector Cuprill Jr Esquire: yes

[10:46] Sam Courtois. Esq.: Exactly.

[10:46] zenitram: groovy!

[10:46] Sam Courtois. Esq.: OK, if there is nothing more, I will entertain a motion to adjourn.

[10:47] Geri Kahn: Can we take a vote on the motion

[10:47] Lyra Snowpaw: ay

[10:47] Geri Kahn: so moved

[10:47] Elizabeth: And if anyone knows someone who can make window signs that are see through that aren't pricey, please let me know.

[10:47] Sam Courtois. Esq.: Which motion?

[10:47] Hector Cuprill Jr Esquire: ay

[10:47] Elizabeth: Aye.

[10:47] zenitram: aye

[10:47] Faye Blackheart: aye captain ;)

[10:47] Elizabeth: Motion to adjourn until next month.

[10:47] Geri Kahn: The motion I made to adjourn

[10:47] Hector Cuprill Jr Esquire: Fair Winds

[10:47] Sam Courtois. Esq.: Done

[10:47] Sam Courtois. Esq.: Thank you one and all.

[10:47] Faye Blackheart: thank you!

[10:47] zenitram: thank you!

[10:47] Elizabeth: Have a great week and to those it applies to, Happy Mother's Day!

[10:47] Sam Courtois. Esq.: See you on June 1 for the next presentation.

[10:47] Elizabeth: Thank you!

[10:47] Sam Courtois. Esq.: Bring friend.

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Hello all,

FYI, I'll be presenting on June 8th. I hope to see you there!



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