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[2016/09/10 10:14]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Hi Geri!

[2016/09/10 10:14]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): 2 more to go!

[2016/09/10 10:14]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): No Worries!  So happy you are here!

[2016/09/10 10:14]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): Ah, that explains the pop-in.  All good, Geri, you're here, we're one closer to a quorum

[2016/09/10 10:14]  Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Did Geri bring a friend?

[2016/09/10 10:14]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): /me giggles

[2016/09/10 10:14]  Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): :)

[2016/09/10 10:15]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Ok.  With that said, Old business.

[2016/09/10 10:15]  Tali (talaith.llewellyn): I'm off, got birds to catch

[2016/09/10 10:16]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): We originally discussed having another benefit in October, but it's getting too close and we haven't been able to vote on it.  Shall we discuss moving it into November?

[2016/09/10 10:16]  Jerkwad Borkotron: ugh oh

[2016/09/10 10:16]  Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Bye Tali

[2016/09/10 10:16]  Faye Blackheart: Yeah probably

[2016/09/10 10:16]  Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Wounded Warriors has a new leader.

[2016/09/10 10:17]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Yes, and we have a pretty active veteran's group on SL as well.

[2016/09/10 10:17]  Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Wasn't WW the folks we had a benefit for?

[2016/09/10 10:17]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): November may be a good month for a benefit that goes that way as it's also Veteran's Day.

[2016/09/10 10:18]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): No, it was the Dreams group on SL that

[2016/09/10 10:18]  Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Has to be the first half of of the month.

[2016/09/10 10:18]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): we had the benefit for.  They focus on stroke victims.

[2016/09/10 10:18]  Jerkwad Borkotron: I have to go :(  I'm leaving on a 3 hour drive to Boston so I can't stay for the whole meeting.  My apologies and I hope to see you all next month I'm sorry I can't stay for the whole thing you're all amazing people - have a good meeting.

[2016/09/10 10:18]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): I agree, because of Thanksgiving.

[2016/09/10 10:18]  Faye Blackheart: Thanks, see you soon!

[2016/09/10 10:18]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Thank you for coming!  Have a safe trip to Boston.

[2016/09/10 10:18]  Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): BB

[2016/09/10 10:19]  Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Be safe.

[2016/09/10 10:19]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): That depends!

[2016/09/10 10:19]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): I will be AFK for a few minutes, my husband needs me to get some information for him

[2016/09/10 10:19]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): /me giggles

[2016/09/10 10:19]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): No worries

[2016/09/10 10:19]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): HB

[2016/09/10 10:20]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Back to the concert.  If we shift it into November, at least we have a better chance of doing it as it's a bit late for October.

[2016/09/10 10:20]  Faye Blackheart: We should look into amending our corporate docs to reduce the number needed for a hard to make it each month!

[2016/09/10 10:20]  Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Agreed.

[2016/09/10 10:21]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): I completely agree.  I will look  into what we have to do and we will see what we can do for the next meeting.  Unless someone here knows.

[2016/09/10 10:21]  Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): I don't know but I can look into it

[2016/09/10 10:22]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Thank you Geri!

[2016/09/10 10:22]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): That would be wonderful.

[2016/09/10 10:22]  Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): Sure

[2016/09/10 10:23]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): With regard to speakers, we talked about doing the discussion on Breedables in General, and any additional cases that may have come about since then that could impact the community on SL.

[2016/09/10 10:24]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): That was going to be in late September or October I believe.

[2016/09/10 10:24]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Perhaps we can have that in mid October?

[2016/09/10 10:24]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): The week after the SLBA meeting?

[2016/09/10 10:25]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): That would be the 15th?

[2016/09/10 10:25]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Does that work for Ellen and - Faye were you going to be doing that with Ellen?

[2016/09/10 10:25]  Faye Blackheart: that would be good, yes

[2016/09/10 10:25]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): /me smiles and jumps up and down!  Yay!

[2016/09/10 10:26]  Ellen S Ross Attorney NY State (ellensross): Hubby still needs my IMMEDIATE assistance, sorry

[2016/09/10 10:26]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): When Ellen gets back, we will doublecheck what she says.  It's ok Ellen.  No worries!

[2016/09/10 10:26]  Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Bye

[2016/09/10 10:27]  Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): Our numbers are shrinking.

[2016/09/10 10:27]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Then we had Connor talking about doing a comparative law presentation, that would likely be in November or December.

[2016/09/10 10:27]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): I wish it were my numbers on the scale!

[2016/09/10 10:27]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): /me laughs

[2016/09/10 10:27]  Faye Blackheart: haha

[2016/09/10 10:28]  Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): /me grins.

[2016/09/10 10:28]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Which brings us to elections again, and we cannot vote this week due to quorum.  So hopefully we will find a way to change the number necessary so we can do this next time.

[2016/09/10 10:29]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Is that alright with everyone?

[2016/09/10 10:29]  Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): I move that Elizabeth be re-elected perpetually until we have a quorum.

[2016/09/10 10:30]  Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): Poor Elizabeth

[2016/09/10 10:30]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): One more go-round is one thing, perpetually is a whole 'nother!

[2016/09/10 10:30]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): /me laughs

[2016/09/10 10:30]  Faye Blackheart: probably need a quorum to change the quorum.... sigh

[2016/09/10 10:30]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): /me doesn't know if she should laugh or cry!

[2016/09/10 10:31]  Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): I think that Elizabeth is secretly  trying to discourage people from coming to the meetings so that she won't be voted out of office.

[2016/09/10 10:31]  Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): /me laughs

[2016/09/10 10:31]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): On that note, new business....  let's all congratulate Faye on finding out that she passed the Bar Exam!

[2016/09/10 10:31]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Congratulations!

[2016/09/10 10:31]  Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): Wow!

[2016/09/10 10:31]  Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): Congratulations!

[2016/09/10 10:31]  Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Congratulations!

[2016/09/10 10:32]  Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): YOu're now a regular Jamie Bond with your own license to kill!

[2016/09/10 10:32]  Danny Dwyer: congrats!

[2016/09/10 10:33]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): I think it's a conspiracy Sam!

[2016/09/10 10:33]  Faye Blackheart: Thank you haha

[2016/09/10 10:33]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): To make me change the title to Perpetual President - a tongue twister in the making.

[2016/09/10 10:33]  Faye Blackheart: never taking that darn test again, thank god!

[2016/09/10 10:34]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Well-deserved Faye!  None of us had any doubts!

[2016/09/10 10:34]  Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): At least not until you want to move to another state.

[2016/09/10 10:34]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): ugh

[2016/09/10 10:34]  Faye Blackheart: I'm never leaving haha

[2016/09/10 10:34]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): /me smiles

[2016/09/10 10:34]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Does anyone have any other new business to discuss?

[2016/09/10 10:35]  Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): We've heard it all before.

[2016/09/10 10:35]  Faye Blackheart: Nothing from me

[2016/09/10 10:35]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): the new business or never leaving?

[2016/09/10 10:35]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): /me smiles

[2016/09/10 10:35]  Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Yes.

[2016/09/10 10:35]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): /me laughs

[2016/09/10 10:36]  Faye Blackheart: probably both haha

[2016/09/10 10:36]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): In that case, I suppose we are done early today.  Our next meeting will be on October 8, 2016.

[2016/09/10 10:36]  Faye Blackheart: Thank you madame president!

[2016/09/10 10:36]  Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Since we don't have a quorum, we don't need a motion to adjourn.

[2016/09/10 10:37]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): /me bows with an exaggerated flourish!

[2016/09/10 10:37]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): /me giggles

[2016/09/10 10:37]  Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): We can just sort of wander off.

[2016/09/10 10:37]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): I miss the days of motions.

[2016/09/10 10:37]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): They seem such a distant memory.

[2016/09/10 10:37]  Faye Blackheart: /me wanders aimlessly down the hall

[2016/09/10 10:37]  Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Stop chasing people away!

[2016/09/10 10:37]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): /me giggles

[2016/09/10 10:37]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): hahahaha

[2016/09/10 10:38]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Thank you all for coming!

[2016/09/10 10:38]  Faye Blackheart: thank you, see you next month!

[2016/09/10 10:38]  Faye Blackheart: bye!

[2016/09/10 10:38]  Faye Blackheart: haha

[2016/09/10 10:38]  Faye Blackheart: thanks, you too

[2016/09/10 10:38]  Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): Thank you


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