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SL Bar Association

[2018/05/12 10:12] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Alright, we have a few people so how about we have a meeting! :-)
[2018/05/12 10:12] Justice Highfield: *hands out cups of coffee and danishes*
[2018/05/12 10:12] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): :)
[2018/05/12 10:13] Gus Plisskin: iced coffee... It 90 deg here already irl
[2018/05/12 10:13] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): We don't have minutes from last month as we had to cancel the meeting for lack of attendance.
[2018/05/12 10:13] Justice Highfield: 60 and rain
[2018/05/12 10:13] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): It's been warm this week, but today it's chilly here and rainy.
[2018/05/12 10:13] Justice Highfield: all week its suppose to train
[2018/05/12 10:13] Justice Highfield: *rain
[2018/05/12 10:13] Justice Highfield: but 80s and rain on tuesday
[2018/05/12 10:14] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): I also don't have a finance report from Faye, so I can skip that part.
[2018/05/12 10:14] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): This will be a quick meeting I think. lol
[2018/05/12 10:14] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Ok
[2018/05/12 10:15] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): I even thought to make an agenda this time.
[2018/05/12 10:15] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Ellen is at a cat auction so she won't be here.
[2018/05/12 10:16] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Is she buying or selling?
[2018/05/12 10:16] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): I think selling
[2018/05/12 10:17] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Geri, are we officially dissolved as of now?
[2018/05/12 10:17] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): sorry, no.
[2018/05/12 10:17] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): I was traveling abroad last month and didn't send out the form.
[2018/05/12 10:17] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): Will get the ball rolling this week
[2018/05/12 10:18] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): It's ok! I just wasn't sure where we were with the process. :)
[2018/05/12 10:18] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Thank you.
[2018/05/12 10:18] Gus Plisskin: dare I ask what corp is being dissolved?
[2018/05/12 10:18] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): We have a corporation
[2018/05/12 10:18] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): SL Bar Association
[2018/05/12 10:18] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Our SLBA is a not for profit corporation
[2018/05/12 10:19] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Jerkwad Borkotron (19m)
[2018/05/12 10:19] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): Hi JB
[2018/05/12 10:19] Jerkwad Borkotron: hi hi
[2018/05/12 10:19] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): It was incorporated primarily for the purpose of sim ownership, so when we moved here, we voted to dissolve it.
[2018/05/12 10:20] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Hi JB!
[2018/05/12 10:20] Gus Plisskin: got it. thank you.
[2018/05/12 10:20] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): You are most welcome.
[2018/05/12 10:21] Jerkwad Borkotron: Thank you all for your welcomes sorry I'm late
[2018/05/12 10:21] Gus Plisskin: We worked our way to a 501(c)3 for the International Space Museum here in SL.I doubt we'd ever dissolve it after all the effort.
[2018/05/12 10:22] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): It was a lot of effort
[2018/05/12 10:22] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): But we don't need it and can't sustain it.
[2018/05/12 10:22] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): The next question is whether we should move forward with the speaker series. The last few months have been very sparsely attended, including the party that had been voted on so it's a concern to set up and prep for a presentation if no one will be there.
[2018/05/12 10:22] Gus Plisskin: I undersand. reports. taxes. etc.
[2018/05/12 10:23] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): Do we have anyone who is interested in speaking?
[2018/05/12 10:23] Jerkwad Borkotron: I think if the SLBA is not speaking on the law then what is the purpose of the SLBA? So definitely speakers are good.
[2018/05/12 10:24] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): I'd suggest that we put off scheduling any speakers until after Labor Day.
[2018/05/12 10:24] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Rykk and I were going to be speaking about HIPAA and I think Cybersecurity.
[2018/05/12 10:24] Justice Highfield: I would like to but I would like to be prepared on topics
[2018/05/12 10:24] Gus Plisskin: Maybe plan some in SL efforts to boost attendance for specific topics? Post invites in SL groups that might be interested in the topic?
[2018/05/12 10:24] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Do you mean Memorial day?
[2018/05/12 10:25] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): I am afraid that a lot of people miss the meeting in the summer. months.
[2018/05/12 10:25] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): I see what you mean.
[2018/05/12 10:25] Gus Plisskin: That's often the case for other SL groups too
[2018/05/12 10:25] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): How are other groups doing in SL?
[2018/05/12 10:26] Jerkwad Borkotron: I think topics that affect SL residents draw the best. Something like HIPAA has nothing to do with SL although Cybersecurity definitely does.
[2018/05/12 10:26] Justice Highfield: Is there a way we can do this on facebook
[2018/05/12 10:26] Justice Highfield: or have a facebook group where we can do this as well
[2018/05/12 10:26] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): The interest in HIPAA was more in line with attorneys and the SLBA in general.
[2018/05/12 10:26] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): This is really not meant to be a FB group
[2018/05/12 10:26] Justice Highfield: I know :(
[2018/05/12 10:27] Justice Highfield: just so maybe can get more interests
[2018/05/12 10:27] Justice Highfield: sorry :(
[2018/05/12 10:27] Gus Plisskin: to what extent do your want non-attorneys to attend? I can imagine an outline of how to copyright might draw content creators.
[2018/05/12 10:27] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): It's ok. It's a good suggestion, but not sure that everyone wants their RL information disseminated via FB to SL.
[2018/05/12 10:28] Justice Highfield: true I use both
[2018/05/12 10:28] Jerkwad Borkotron: Right Elizabeth and you will get attendance from attorneys for HIPAA but for good attendance the broader SL community has to show up to is all a topic like that isn't likely to pull them
[2018/05/12 10:28] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Definitely something to consider for a future speaker.
[2018/05/12 10:28] Jerkwad Borkotron: I do not know how important attendance is though
[2018/05/12 10:28] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Yes, that's why it was a two pronged speaker series.
[2018/05/12 10:28] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): or rather a two topic discussion.
[2018/05/12 10:29] Gus Plisskin: 1 of them general? the other more focused on attorneys?
[2018/05/12 10:30] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Not focused on attorneys as the fact that many of those in attendance when the topics were selected were interested in it and it was connected with computer security during that discussion.
[2018/05/12 10:30] Gus Plisskin: *nods*
[2018/05/12 10:30] Jerkwad Borkotron: right because poor security compromises medical records and patient privacy I suppose
[2018/05/12 10:32] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): it's been months since we had that conversation, but at the time we had a pretty decent turnout and that was the consensus. Also because places like department stores were using HIPAA as an excuse for requesting certain information, so that was the reason it became a topic of conversation.
[2018/05/12 10:32] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Either way, I guess first we need to decide if we want to continue to have the speaker series.
[2018/05/12 10:33] Gus Plisskin: Perhaps delay it to Sept if you feel aattendance will be too sparse during the summer?
[2018/05/12 10:34] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Does everyone agree?
[2018/05/12 10:34] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): about timing - I mean, with Sam and Gus?
[2018/05/12 10:34] Jerkwad Borkotron: Let's just have it at Sam's house :) Nice and cool there
[2018/05/12 10:34] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): I think we should have a speaker series, starting in September, if we can find any speakers.
[2018/05/12 10:34] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): ok.
[2018/05/12 10:35] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): /me smiles
[2018/05/12 10:35] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): I'll talk to Rykk and see if he is still interested in doing so as well.
[2018/05/12 10:35] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Unfortunately, y hose doesn't have any furniture any more, I relocated it and didn't put it back together right.
[2018/05/12 10:35] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): my house.
[2018/05/12 10:36] Gus Plisskin: still have an original copy in your inventory?
[2018/05/12 10:36] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): And if people have topics that they are well versed on and wish to speak on, please feel free to make suggestions and even drop a notecard in my mailbox at the office - it's next door to here.
[2018/05/12 10:36] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Not really, Gus.
[2018/05/12 10:37] Gus Plisskin: :(
[2018/05/12 10:37] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Oh no!
[2018/05/12 10:37] Jerkwad Borkotron: #sadpanda
[2018/05/12 10:37] Gus Plisskin: brb. must cycle laundry.
[2018/05/12 10:37] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Does anyone have any new business to raise?
[2018/05/12 10:37] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): tyt
[2018/05/12 10:38] Jerkwad Borkotron: How about doing something with the Lindens?
[2018/05/12 10:38] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Such as?
[2018/05/12 10:38] Jerkwad Borkotron: Like Linden Lab can't interpret the TOS but attorneys certainly can
[2018/05/12 10:39] Jerkwad Borkotron: A lot of residents want to know in plain english what you can and can't do on specific topics and linden lab 9 times out of 10 just gives you a canned answer
[2018/05/12 10:39] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): ahh, I believe that was done in the past to an extent and was widely attended, but it depends on who the speaker would be and usually accompanied a change in the TOS.
[2018/05/12 10:39] Jerkwad Borkotron: Maybe you could get a linden
[2018/05/12 10:39] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): The sad part of that is that often those types of answers are also fact specific.
[2018/05/12 10:39] Jerkwad Borkotron: as well as an attorney
[2018/05/12 10:41] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): I'm sure we can see what can be done down the road about that. I think the biggest concern in those cases would also be to not have it turn into a "This is what I want to do... how do the TOS apply to me" session where people are trying to get actual legal advice.
[2018/05/12 10:42] Jerkwad Borkotron: right
[2018/05/12 10:42] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Definitely something to consider though. :-)
[2018/05/12 10:42] Jerkwad Borkotron: But in general I think linden would be all for residents trying to understand their TOS better
[2018/05/12 10:42] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Maybe.
[2018/05/12 10:42] Gus Plisskin: and the bizarre edge cases like...
[2018/05/12 10:42] Gus Plisskin: "I troll my alts. Luckily they don't report me. Is that against TOS?"
[2018/05/12 10:42] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): lol
[2018/05/12 10:43] Jerkwad Borkotron: hehehee
[2018/05/12 10:44] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): It's definitely something to work toward.
[2018/05/12 10:44] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Thank you for the suggestion.
[2018/05/12 10:44] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Is there anything else for new business?
[2018/05/12 10:44] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Is trolling alts prohibited now? Darn.
[2018/05/12 10:44] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): lol
[2018/05/12 10:45] Gus Plisskin: hope not :)
[2018/05/12 10:46] Jerkwad Borkotron: I can't think of anything else
[2018/05/12 10:46] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Move we adjourn?
[2018/05/12 10:46] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): I for one, would like to thank you all for being here today. It's been a little discouraging to have to cancel for the last two months and have no attendance but for myself and Rykk (who dj'd free of charge) at the party, so it is great to see you all here.
[2018/05/12 10:47] Jerkwad Borkotron: wee
[2018/05/12 10:47] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Please remember to renew your membership dues.
[2018/05/12 10:47] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): Where do we do that?
[2018/05/12 10:47] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Downstairs there is a box on the shelf.
[2018/05/12 10:47] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): Okay thanks.
[2018/05/12 10:47] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): is there a second on Sam's motion?
[2018/05/12 10:47] Justice Highfield: how much is dues again?
[2018/05/12 10:48] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): What was Sam's Motion?
[2018/05/12 10:48] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): 500
[2018/05/12 10:48] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): I move that everyone have a great weekend.
[2018/05/12 10:48] Justice Highfield: 2nd
[2018/05/12 10:48] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): Hahahah
[2018/05/12 10:48] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): All in favor?
[2018/05/12 10:48] Gus Plisskin: heh
[2018/05/12 10:48] Justice Highfield: ^^
[2018/05/12 10:48] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): aye
[2018/05/12 10:48] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): He moved to adjourn
[2018/05/12 10:48] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): lol
[2018/05/12 10:48] Jerkwad Borkotron: yes on the great weekend no to adjourning this is fun
[2018/05/12 10:48] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): hahahaha
[2018/05/12 10:48] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): Second to that too
[2018/05/12 10:49] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): now I'm confused!
[2018/05/12 10:49] Jerkwad Borkotron: damn I'm outvoted
[2018/05/12 10:49] Jerkwad Borkotron: lol
[2018/05/12 10:49] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): lol
[2018/05/12 10:49] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Blondes!
[2018/05/12 10:49] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Everyone have a wonderful weekend!
[2018/05/12 10:49] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): hey!
[2018/05/12 10:49] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): hahahahaha
[2018/05/12 10:49] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Mark your calendars
[2018/05/12 10:49] Jerkwad Borkotron: What's a weekend again?
[2018/05/12 10:49] Justice Highfield: bbqs
[2018/05/12 10:49] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): The next meeting is on June 9

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