SL Bar Association

SL Bar Association

2018/01/13 10:00] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Hello everyone!
[2018/01/13 10:01] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Happy New Year!
[2018/01/13 10:01] Faye Blackheart: Morning
[2018/01/13 10:01] Justice Highfield: Good Morning
[2018/01/13 10:01] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): I hope everyone has a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!
[2018/01/13 10:02] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): I'm really glad to see all of you here today.
[2018/01/13 10:02] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): We do have some important things to discuss.
[2018/01/13 10:03] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Hello everyone.
[2018/01/13 10:04] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Hi Sam!
[2018/01/13 10:04] Seren McGillivary: Hello
[2018/01/13 10:04] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Faye is going to give a summary of the treasurer's report for us.
[2018/01/13 10:06] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): She is well equipped with a bottle and glass as well. ;-)
[2018/01/13 10:06] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): I feel like that should worry me!
[2018/01/13 10:06] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): /me giggles
[2018/01/13 10:06] Faye Blackheart: Pardon the champagne, it won't detach for some reason haha.
[2018/01/13 10:06] Justice Highfield: :(
[2018/01/13 10:07] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): No worries!
[2018/01/13 10:09] Faye Blackheart: So, as I'm sure most of you know, our rentals are way down. We have brought this up for months, and though many rushed to re-rent, there is little consistency. The rentals down below are what sustain this sim. We simply are not making enough to continue tier much longer. The account is down to 118,390L, each month we must sell 41,000L for tier. We currently have a balance of $216.12 USD on the account to pay for next month...but income is a fraction of what we need each month, ranging from 5-15k linden. So if anyone is good at math, you can see we will be running out of tier month in just a few months.
[2018/01/13 10:10] Faye Blackheart: Furthermore
[2018/01/13 10:10] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Treasure Ballinger (8m)
[2018/01/13 10:12] Faye Blackheart: And of a more pressing issue, past president Tim Faith, who has his personal bank account linked to the finance account (Clarity), has requested that it be unlinked. There needs to be a real account linked to Clarity in order to sell pay tier. We need to either have a real bank account started for the corporation, or someone needs to link their personal bank account to Clarity for us to proceed.
[2018/01/13 10:13] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Thank you Faye
[2018/01/13 10:13] Faye Blackheart: This of course, could mean in about 3-4 months, when we run out of lindens, tier money will be coming from the bank account linked to Clarity.
[2018/01/13 10:14] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Has SLBA come to the end of the road?
[2018/01/13 10:14] Justice Highfield: :(
[2018/01/13 10:14] Faye Blackheart: That's my ominous report... if anyone wants to start drinking, hand me your glass ;)
[2018/01/13 10:14] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): That brings me to what we are here for in part, today.
[2018/01/13 10:14] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): I think we have a course of action to be taken that we can definitely take and still have our association without the massive cost
[2018/01/13 10:15] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): We have two options really
[2018/01/13 10:15] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): One is to fold the sim and continue the SLBA on a rental only for this building or another like it
[2018/01/13 10:15] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): That takes away the stress of paying tier and bank accounts
[2018/01/13 10:16] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): and we have enough to support it for much longer than what we do for a sim
[2018/01/13 10:16] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): or we can be more drastic and close the SLBA altogether as well.
[2018/01/13 10:16] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): My personal feeling is that we need to close the sim and move
[2018/01/13 10:17] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): I note that we are still short of a quorum.
[2018/01/13 10:17] Justice Highfield: is there a way we can operate the sim on another lcoation
[2018/01/13 10:17] Justice Highfield: *location
[2018/01/13 10:17] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): but that enough people come on a regular basis to have meetings
[2018/01/13 10:17] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): But we are close.
[2018/01/13 10:17] Faye Blackheart: we haven't had a quorum in as long as i can remember
[2018/01/13 10:17] Justice Highfield: for less of the cost
[2018/01/13 10:17] Ellen Ross (ellensross): Renting seems like the logical choice
[2018/01/13 10:17] Faye Blackheart: we will run out of tier and lose the sim before we get a quorum lol
[2018/01/13 10:17] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): This is something we have to deal with regardless of the quorum
[2018/01/13 10:17] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): We need one more person.
[2018/01/13 10:17] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): that's what we are talking about Justice.
[2018/01/13 10:17] Faye Blackheart: Make Tim log on lol
[2018/01/13 10:17] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Like Jerkwad.
[2018/01/13 10:18] The Freak Magnet (rykk.ferraris): Still might be an idea to publish this news and vote next month, with whomever is present.
[2018/01/13 10:18] Justice Highfield: I mean not for nothing but this actually kicked me in the butt
[2018/01/13 10:18] Justice Highfield: to take my lsat again
[2018/01/13 10:18] Justice Highfield: this group
[2018/01/13 10:18] The Freak Magnet (rykk.ferraris): Though this is the largest group I've seen in a while
[2018/01/13 10:18] Justice Highfield: was modivation
[2018/01/13 10:18] Justice Highfield: being a para since 1999 it reingated the fire in my belly
[2018/01/13 10:18] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Problem is, next month we have to pay tier again and we will need a bank account to do so
[2018/01/13 10:19] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): I move that we close down the SIM, find a new location for this building, and carry on.
[2018/01/13 10:19] Seren McGillivary: I second
[2018/01/13 10:19] Faye Blackheart: I agree.....
[2018/01/13 10:19] Faye Blackheart: People need SLBA
[2018/01/13 10:19] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): All in favor?
[2018/01/13 10:20] The Freak Magnet (rykk.ferraris): Date of closure?
[2018/01/13 10:20] Treasure Ballinger: yes.
[2018/01/13 10:20] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): aye
[2018/01/13 10:20] Ellen Ross (ellensross): Aye
[2018/01/13 10:20] Faye Blackheart: aye
[2018/01/13 10:20] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Discussion?
[2018/01/13 10:20] Treasure Ballinger: aye
[2018/01/13 10:20] Seren McGillivary: aye
[2018/01/13 10:20] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Discussion -
[2018/01/13 10:20] Treasure Ballinger: no discussion
[2018/01/13 10:20] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): sorry everyone
[2018/01/13 10:20] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): when is the tier paid through?
[2018/01/13 10:20] Justice Highfield: :-0
[2018/01/13 10:20] Faye Blackheart: Tier for next month will be charged on the 26th
[2018/01/13 10:20] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): We need Agenda's assistance to move the building.
[2018/01/13 10:20] The Freak Magnet (rykk.ferraris): So 13 days to clear out?
[2018/01/13 10:21] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): I have a parcel that we can move to if needed.
[2018/01/13 10:21] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Does that work for everyone who has rental space on here?
[2018/01/13 10:21] Treasure Ballinger: Those of us on the ground floor below need to clean out.
[2018/01/13 10:21] The Freak Magnet (rykk.ferraris): What about rent refunds for those paid past that date?
[2018/01/13 10:21] Faye Blackheart: Excuse me, the 25th
[2018/01/13 10:21] Treasure Ballinger: parcels
[2018/01/13 10:21] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): I just paid for the next month too.
[2018/01/13 10:21] Faye Blackheart: we can issue refunds
[2018/01/13 10:21] Treasure Ballinger: I don't require a refund, that's for me, on a personal level.
[2018/01/13 10:21] Faye Blackheart: there is enough money in the account
[2018/01/13 10:22] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): we can all work that out individually for the rentals
[2018/01/13 10:22] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): does that work for those of us down below?
[2018/01/13 10:22] Treasure Ballinger: Yes
[2018/01/13 10:23] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Rykk? I know you have a nice home down there too.
[2018/01/13 10:23] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Can this building be relocated as is?
[2018/01/13 10:23] Ellen Ross (ellensross): I'll remove my items from both the office up here and the Flotsam Courthouse parcel below today while I am thinking of it
[2018/01/13 10:23] Justice Highfield: they are nice houses on this sim
[2018/01/13 10:23] Justice Highfield: :(
[2018/01/13 10:24] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): We might not be able to if we can't reach agenda
[2018/01/13 10:24] The Freak Magnet (rykk.ferraris): I'll clear out as soon as I can. Hopefully this weekend.
[2018/01/13 10:24] Treasure Ballinger: I have a nice little parcel too, but would rather see SLBA remain as a group, and give up the sim.
[2018/01/13 10:24] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): I have a different type of office building we can use if we need to as well but hopefully in two weeks we can reach her
[2018/01/13 10:25] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): I agree Treasure, me too. I rent two parcels down below so it will be sad but I would much rather continue the SLBA than give it all up.
[2018/01/13 10:25] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Agenda did a wonderful jb with tis Village - I would hate to see it all lost.
[2018/01/13 10:26] The Freak Magnet (rykk.ferraris): I agree, but member apathy has brought us to this point
[2018/01/13 10:26] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Me too, so we will try to reach her and see if she is willing to move the building.
[2018/01/13 10:26] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Otherwise, we have to return her items to her.
[2018/01/13 10:26] Faye Blackheart: I have all these buildings on sim, and the roads, I can literally rebuild this exact set up if we want
[2018/01/13 10:26] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): nice!
[2018/01/13 10:26] Justice Highfield: how much would tier cost
[2018/01/13 10:26] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): So, Faye has a proposal
[2018/01/13 10:26] Justice Highfield: and since we are a non profit
[2018/01/13 10:27] Justice Highfield: is there an offset cost?
[2018/01/13 10:27] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): the nonprofit
[2018/01/13 10:27] Faye Blackheart: Keep Agenda's hard work alive, if she doesn't log on lol
[2018/01/13 10:27] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): only impacts having a sim of our own Justice
[2018/01/13 10:27] Treasure Ballinger: only to LL, not paying rent somewhere.
[2018/01/13 10:27] Justice Highfield: But Im sure with any business
[2018/01/13 10:27] Justice Highfield: LL should be in a position to help
[2018/01/13 10:27] Justice Highfield: if its a 501c3
[2018/01/13 10:27] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): no, it doesn't work that way
[2018/01/13 10:27] Faye Blackheart: Um yeah they don't care lol
[2018/01/13 10:28] Faye Blackheart: they are a profit company
[2018/01/13 10:28] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): I doubt that they would be much interested.
[2018/01/13 10:28] Faye Blackheart: they just care that we pay our tier on time
[2018/01/13 10:28] Justice Highfield: well if we help the small business
[2018/01/13 10:28] Justice Highfield: LLis a business
[2018/01/13 10:28] Treasure Ballinger: do we now have to shop for a sim, or do we have one in mind, to rent on?
[2018/01/13 10:28] Justice Highfield: they should have common sense
[2018/01/13 10:28] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): they really don't care
[2018/01/13 10:28] Treasure Ballinger: Sorry if I am asking for repeats
[2018/01/13 10:29] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Their version of "help' is to lease the SIM to us for a non-profit rate.
[2018/01/13 10:29] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): exactly
[2018/01/13 10:29] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): and rentals are not through LL
[2018/01/13 10:29] The Freak Magnet (rykk.ferraris): And that's completely fair. no issues with how they run their business.
[2018/01/13 10:29] Justice Highfield: ok
[2018/01/13 10:29] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): so... Faye has a proposal for us for relocation.
[2018/01/13 10:30] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Would you take the floor Faye?
[2018/01/13 10:30] Faye Blackheart: Sure
[2018/01/13 10:30] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Maybe she will take the whole building?
[2018/01/13 10:31] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): /me giggles
[2018/01/13 10:31] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): drum roll please
[2018/01/13 10:33] Treasure Ballinger: Is Faye in voice?
[2018/01/13 10:33] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): no, I think she's just typing still
[2018/01/13 10:33] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): I think she had to get another bottle of champagne.
[2018/01/13 10:33] Faye Blackheart: So I own a region out near Blake Sea... I rent the ground level for people's homes, an airport, etc... and skyboxes to some. I have plenty of room if we would like to have a "full sized" sim rental (or smaller). We can set up in the sky as we are here, with a full sim footprint. The rent is 1L per prim per week.... we'd probably need 1,000 or 2,000 prims at most? So that would cost us 4,000L per month (or 8,000L for 2,000 prims), rather than 41,000L per month.
[2018/01/13 10:33] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): /me laughs
[2018/01/13 10:33] Faye Blackheart: haha sorry
[2018/01/13 10:33] Faye Blackheart: The region is Becuma, if anyone wants to take a look at it
[2018/01/13 10:34] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): That is a huge difference in costs!
[2018/01/13 10:34] Faye Blackheart: We could keep our office space, which is nice
[2018/01/13 10:34] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): That sounds great!
[2018/01/13 10:35] Ellen Ross (ellensross): Sounds awesome!
[2018/01/13 10:35] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Opinions? Thoughts? Concerns?
[2018/01/13 10:35] Treasure Ballinger: I think we've been there before, you hosted a party there once. Nice.
[2018/01/13 10:36] Faye Blackheart: The good part is, the sim isn't going anywhere....if we have financial trouble, and everyone quits paying SLBA dues or something, we won't lose the sim
[2018/01/13 10:36] Treasure Ballinger: main point, we can afford it.
[2018/01/13 10:37] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Agreed Treasure.
[2018/01/13 10:37] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): And the SLBA can continue
[2018/01/13 10:37] Ellen Ross (ellensross): That should eliminate the need for a real-world bank account, right?
[2018/01/13 10:37] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Yes
[2018/01/13 10:37] Faye Blackheart: yep
[2018/01/13 10:37] The Freak Magnet (rykk.ferraris): Sounds like a good solution
[2018/01/13 10:37] Ellen Ross (ellensross): Sounds perfect to me
[2018/01/13 10:37] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): I move that President Elizabeth be vested with the authority to review the location and make an executive decision to make it happen if she believes it to be int he best interest of the organization.
[2018/01/13 10:37] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): let me see if I can get one more person in here... one sec
[2018/01/13 10:39] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Ok, Jerkwad is on his way
[2018/01/13 10:39] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): :-)
[2018/01/13 10:40] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): That way we can do all these votes and not have to worry about it
[2018/01/13 10:40] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Thank you all for your patience.
[2018/01/13 10:40] Faye Blackheart: Yay!
[2018/01/13 10:40] Faye Blackheart: wow are we actually going to have a quorum!!!
[2018/01/13 10:40] Faye Blackheart: /me faints
[2018/01/13 10:40] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Shhhhh don't say it too loud
[2018/01/13 10:41] Faye Blackheart: no one crash lol
[2018/01/13 10:41] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Jerkwad Borkotron (8m)
[2018/01/13 10:41] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): While we are waiting , I would like to talk next time or place on the agenda for next month, dissolving the the corporation
[2018/01/13 10:41] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): /me giggles
[2018/01/13 10:41] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Suemoon Magic (18m)
[2018/01/13 10:42] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Hi Jerkwad
[2018/01/13 10:42] Jerkwad Borkotron: Hi Elizabeth so what is going on?
[2018/01/13 10:42] Ellen Ross (ellensross): Welcome, thanks for joining us
[2018/01/13 10:42] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): I will put that on the agenda Geri.
[2018/01/13 10:42] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): Thanks
[2018/01/13 10:42] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): One thing we might do if there is a quorum is to change the by-laws with regard to what constitutes a quorum.
[2018/01/13 10:42] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Suemoon Magic (19m)
[2018/01/13 10:42] The Freak Magnet (rykk.ferraris): Hey JB
[2018/01/13 10:42] Jerkwad Borkotron: hi everyone
[2018/01/13 10:43] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Hi Jerkwad! We are voting to close the sim and move to a new sim where we only have to rent.
[2018/01/13 10:43] The Freak Magnet (rykk.ferraris): Heyas Sue
[2018/01/13 10:43] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Gewri is exactly right. We need to dissolve the corporation also.
[2018/01/13 10:43] Suemoon Magic: Hi everybody
[2018/01/13 10:43] Jerkwad Borkotron: Isn't this sim heavily discounted and won't you play double per prim if you move?
[2018/01/13 10:43] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): That's a good idea too Sam. I don't have the bylaws though.
[2018/01/13 10:43] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Hi Suemon.
[2018/01/13 10:43] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): No
[2018/01/13 10:43] Jerkwad Borkotron: you get the nonprofit discount
[2018/01/13 10:44] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): yes, but on a whole sim instead of just the space we need for this area. :-)
[2018/01/13 10:44] Ellen Ross (ellensross): Let's do the vote on closing this sim and moving before someone crashes!
[2018/01/13 10:44] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): yes
[2018/01/13 10:44] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): So moved.
[2018/01/13 10:44] Seren McGillivary: second
[2018/01/13 10:44] Faye Blackheart: second
[2018/01/13 10:44] Treasure Ballinger: aye
[2018/01/13 10:45] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): All in favor
[2018/01/13 10:45] Ellen Ross (ellensross): Aye
[2018/01/13 10:45] Seren McGillivary: aye
[2018/01/13 10:45] Treasure Ballinger: aye
[2018/01/13 10:45] Suemoon Magic: aye
[2018/01/13 10:45] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): aye
[2018/01/13 10:45] The Freak Magnet (rykk.ferraris): aye
[2018/01/13 10:45] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): aye
[2018/01/13 10:45] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): aye
[2018/01/13 10:45] Jerkwad Borkotron: So there's no way to have this sim stay financially? Sad
[2018/01/13 10:45] Jerkwad Borkotron: I will miss this place
[2018/01/13 10:45] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): all opposed?
[2018/01/13 10:45] Treasure Ballinger: new proposed location at $L4,000 per month, as opposed to this one, at $L41,000 per month.
[2018/01/13 10:45] Jerkwad Borkotron: Just one question
[2018/01/13 10:46] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Jerkwad - I think the idea is to move "this place" to Faye's location.
[2018/01/13 10:46] Faye Blackheart: And Jerkwad, the proposed new sim is one i own..... only 1L per prim, very cheap... we pay 41,000L a month here... at the new location, depending on how many prims we need, it'd be like 4,000L-8,000L per month for up to 2,000 prims
[2018/01/13 10:46] Jerkwad Borkotron: once you move will you later be able to get the nonprofit discount
[2018/01/13 10:46] Treasure Ballinger: no, we won't own the sim
[2018/01/13 10:46] Treasure Ballinger: so no discount
[2018/01/13 10:46] Treasure Ballinger: we'll be renting from Faye
[2018/01/13 10:46] Faye Blackheart: no need for a nonprofit discount
[2018/01/13 10:46] Jerkwad Borkotron: what happens to the sim?
[2018/01/13 10:46] Ellen Ross (ellensross): but such a huge savings that it is more than worth it
[2018/01/13 10:46] The Freak Magnet (rykk.ferraris): 80-90% cost reduction, sounds better anyway
[2018/01/13 10:46] Treasure Ballinger: goes back to LL
[2018/01/13 10:46] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): if we buy a new sim we can go through the discount approval process again
[2018/01/13 10:47] Jerkwad Borkotron: I see ... and it can't be sold through for sale by owner to raise some money?
[2018/01/13 10:47] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): I don't think we should buy another
[2018/01/13 10:47] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): no because we are a NFP
[2018/01/13 10:47] Faye Blackheart: we just don't have the finances to sustain this place longer than another 3-4 months sadly
[2018/01/13 10:47] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): I don't either
[2018/01/13 10:47] Jerkwad Borkotron: I see ok I agree but I am a bit sad I will miss this place
[2018/01/13 10:48] The Freak Magnet (rykk.ferraris): We'll still have this town square, just elsewhere
[2018/01/13 10:48] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): So for the record, all in favor?
[2018/01/13 10:48] Faye Blackheart: yes, I'm sad too....we've owned this place a long time. But at least SLBA will live on, SL needs the SLBA
[2018/01/13 10:48] Treasure Ballinger: aye
[2018/01/13 10:48] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): aye
[2018/01/13 10:48] Ellen Ross (ellensross): Aye
[2018/01/13 10:48] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): aye
[2018/01/13 10:48] Faye Blackheart: aye
[2018/01/13 10:48] The Freak Magnet (rykk.ferraris): aye
[2018/01/13 10:48] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): aye
[2018/01/13 10:48] Suemoon Magic: aye
[2018/01/13 10:48] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Any opposed?
[2018/01/13 10:48] Seren McGillivary: aye
[2018/01/13 10:49] Seren McGillivary: that was in favor not opposed
[2018/01/13 10:49] Suemoon Magic: ㋡
[2018/01/13 10:49] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): JB ,you voting?
[2018/01/13 10:49] Jerkwad Borkotron: I agree faye I'm opposed because it hasn't settled in yet *sniff* but sadly I'm outvoted
[2018/01/13 10:49] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Motion carries.
[2018/01/13 10:50] Ellen Ross (ellensross): Any other votes we need to do today, before I leave to start cleaning up my stuff?
[2018/01/13 10:50] Faye Blackheart: Don't worry JB.... we'll have this place built exactly the same, won't even notice it's a new spot, just need to switch your Landmark
[2018/01/13 10:50] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): On a happy note, we will be moving this exact sim to a new space so all will look identical with a new LM
[2018/01/13 10:50] Suemoon Magic: When would the move take place?
[2018/01/13 10:50] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Yes, Ellen we want to vote on the quorum
[2018/01/13 10:51] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): I move that we amend the by-laws to set the quorum to five members in good standing.
[2018/01/13 10:51] Ellen Ross (ellensross): Second
[2018/01/13 10:51] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Discussion>
[2018/01/13 10:51] Faye Blackheart: If Elizabeth has some time after the meeting, she can come to Becuma (and anyone else who wants to), and check it out... and I'll set up a new platform and start building today
[2018/01/13 10:51] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): ?
[2018/01/13 10:51] Faye Blackheart: I agree!
[2018/01/13 10:51] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): That seems too small
[2018/01/13 10:51] Faye Blackheart: Or something less that what it is now
[2018/01/13 10:51] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): I would accept a friendly amendment.
[2018/01/13 10:52] Ellen Ross (ellensross): We have had trouble getting even that many most months (and I am guilty of missing most of the meetings myself)
[2018/01/13 10:52] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): But I haven't been to meetings regularly
[2018/01/13 10:52] Faye Blackheart: we haven't had a quorum and needed one for what, 6 months?
[2018/01/13 10:52] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): What is the average
[2018/01/13 10:52] Treasure Ballinger: Me too. I'm home today because I'm sick.
[2018/01/13 10:52] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Almost a year
[2018/01/13 10:52] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): years, actually
[2018/01/13 10:52] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): What is the average?
[2018/01/13 10:52] Faye Blackheart: we usually have 3-6 people at meetings?
[2018/01/13 10:52] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): between 3 and 5
[2018/01/13 10:52] Faye Blackheart: does that seem right Elizabeth?
[2018/01/13 10:52] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): /em nods
[2018/01/13 10:52] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): including me
[2018/01/13 10:53] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): Okay
[2018/01/13 10:53] Ellen Ross (ellensross): Five is an attainable number
[2018/01/13 10:53] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): Does anyone know what it is now?
[2018/01/13 10:53] The Freak Magnet (rykk.ferraris): I agree
[2018/01/13 10:53] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Shall we repeat the motion or amend?
[2018/01/13 10:53] The Freak Magnet (rykk.ferraris): one more than half the membership?
[2018/01/13 10:53] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Sam, do you know the requirement now?
[2018/01/13 10:53] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): We simply have to be able to make binding decisions.
[2018/01/13 10:53] Faye Blackheart: what is it now, 9?
[2018/01/13 10:53] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): oh no... justice poofed
[2018/01/13 10:53] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): 10
[2018/01/13 10:54] Treasure Ballinger: Did Justice crash?
[2018/01/13 10:54] Faye Blackheart: facedesk
[2018/01/13 10:54] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): not sure....
[2018/01/13 10:54] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): Okay, Sam I won't oppose
[2018/01/13 10:54] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): We still have 10 people
[2018/01/13 10:54] Seren McGillivary: from what I've seen since I started I think this is first meeting I've seen with more than 5
[2018/01/13 10:54] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): We're good.
[2018/01/13 10:54] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): ok... quick. make the motion
[2018/01/13 10:55] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Motion is made and seconded
[2018/01/13 10:55] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): All in favor?
[2018/01/13 10:55] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): reduce uorim to 5
[2018/01/13 10:55] Faye Blackheart: aye
[2018/01/13 10:55] Seren McGillivary: aye
[2018/01/13 10:55] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): aye
[2018/01/13 10:55] The Freak Magnet (rykk.ferraris): aye
[2018/01/13 10:55] Treasure Ballinger: aye
[2018/01/13 10:55] Suemoon Magic: aye
[2018/01/13 10:55] Ellen Ross (ellensross): Aye
[2018/01/13 10:55] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): aye
[2018/01/13 10:55] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): aye
[2018/01/13 10:55] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): opposed?
[2018/01/13 10:56] Suemoon Magic: (I'm glad I could get here) ㋡
[2018/01/13 10:56] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Jerkwad?
[2018/01/13 10:56] Jerkwad Borkotron: I support
[2018/01/13 10:56] Jerkwad Borkotron: make the quorum less
[2018/01/13 10:56] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): yay
[2018/01/13 10:56] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Motion carries.
[2018/01/13 10:56] Faye Blackheart: hallelujah lol
[2018/01/13 10:56] Jerkwad Borkotron: As much as I like to feel needed I'm not :)
[2018/01/13 10:56] Ellen Ross (ellensross): /me grins
[2018/01/13 10:56] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): I am doing a happy dance
[2018/01/13 10:56] Ellen Ross (ellensross): Awww, you were needed today
[2018/01/13 10:56] The Freak Magnet (rykk.ferraris): Silly bird
[2018/01/13 10:56] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): you are definitely needed!
[2018/01/13 10:56] Jerkwad Borkotron: ahahahhahah
[2018/01/13 10:56] Treasure Ballinger: yes you are, they had to go hunt you down today. :D
[2018/01/13 10:56] Faye Blackheart: So glad everyone showed up today, this was so necessary
[2018/01/13 10:57] Jerkwad Borkotron: and good fun!
[2018/01/13 10:57] Treasure Ballinger: lol
[2018/01/13 10:57] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): On that note... shall we have our winter / New Year party nefore the move or after it?
[2018/01/13 10:57] Faye Blackheart: I'm just relieved our financial account will not go bankrupt, it was causing me major anxiety for months
[2018/01/13 10:57] The Freak Magnet (rykk.ferraris): After, to break the new place in
[2018/01/13 10:57] Ellen Ross (ellensross): After, to get acquainted with the new location
[2018/01/13 10:57] Treasure Ballinger: after, for sure. Celebrate the move and the new digs.
[2018/01/13 10:57] Ellen Ross (ellensross): /me smiles
[2018/01/13 10:57] Suemoon Magic: sounds good
[2018/01/13 10:57] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Sounds like a good plan.
[2018/01/13 10:57] Jerkwad Borkotron: Well depends on how big you expect the party to be
[2018/01/13 10:58] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): [10:37] (You): I move that President Elizabeth be vested with the authority to review the location and make an executive decision to make it happen if she believes it to be int he best interest of the organization.
[2018/01/13 10:58] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Mark your calendars for the February meeting please!
[2018/01/13 10:58] Jerkwad Borkotron: IF you want a pro DJ to pack the place out then before otherwise oafter
[2018/01/13 10:58] Jerkwad Borkotron: whispers: :D
[2018/01/13 10:58] Faye Blackheart: I second
[2018/01/13 10:58] The Freak Magnet (rykk.ferraris): smirks
[2018/01/13 10:58] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): sorry, motion on the floor
[2018/01/13 10:58] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): please see Sam's motion above
[2018/01/13 10:58] Faye Blackheart: Seconded
[2018/01/13 10:58] Jerkwad Borkotron: woo hoo yes
[2018/01/13 10:58] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): aye
[2018/01/13 10:58] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): All in favor?
[2018/01/13 10:59] Treasure Ballinger: aye
[2018/01/13 10:59] Suemoon Magic: aye
[2018/01/13 10:59] Faye Blackheart: aye
[2018/01/13 10:59] The Freak Magnet (rykk.ferraris): aye
[2018/01/13 10:59] Ellen Ross (ellensross): We seem to have passed a version of this motion already but better to be safe and cover all ....
[2018/01/13 10:59] Ellen Ross (ellensross): Aye
[2018/01/13 10:59] Seren McGillivary: aye
[2018/01/13 10:59] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): opposed?
[2018/01/13 10:59] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Motion carries.
[2018/01/13 10:59] Faye Blackheart: look at all this business gettin' done
[2018/01/13 10:59] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Thank you for your confidence in me. I will check it out after the meeting!
[2018/01/13 10:59] Treasure Ballinger: Thank you all for text today. Much appreciated.
[2018/01/13 10:59] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): This has been one seriously productive meeting!
[2018/01/13 10:59] Faye Blackheart: If anyone else would like to see it, they are welcome to join us
[2018/01/13 11:00] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): :)
[2018/01/13 11:00] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Just wanted to make it clear that Elizabeth has the authority to make decisions.
[2018/01/13 11:00] The Freak Magnet (rykk.ferraris): Send an LM in a group notice once it's official
[2018/01/13 11:00] Faye Blackheart: will do
[2018/01/13 11:00] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Is there a motion to close the meeting?
[2018/01/13 11:00] Suemoon Magic: so moved
[2018/01/13 11:00] Ellen Ross (ellensross): So moved
[2018/01/13 11:00] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Second?
[2018/01/13 11:00] Ellen Ross (ellensross): oops, seconded
[2018/01/13 11:00] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): I thnk we should give elizabeth authority to release Tim from the bank account as well.
[2018/01/13 11:00] Suemoon Magic: ㋡
[2018/01/13 11:00] Faye Blackheart: oh YES
[2018/01/13 11:00] Faye Blackheart: that too
[2018/01/13 11:00] Seren McGillivary: second
[2018/01/13 11:00] Seren McGillivary: and aye
[2018/01/13 11:00] Treasure Ballinger: aye
[2018/01/13 11:00] The Freak Magnet (rykk.ferraris): aye
[2018/01/13 11:00] Suemoon Magic: aye
[2018/01/13 11:00] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): All in favor of both?
[2018/01/13 11:00] Jerkwad Borkotron: Wait we're killing Tim?
[2018/01/13 11:00] Faye Blackheart: aye
[2018/01/13 11:01] Ellen Ross (ellensross): Good point, let's hold on closing the meeting and do that also
[2018/01/13 11:01] Jerkwad Borkotron: OK fine ... tim is dead aye
[2018/01/13 11:01] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): ouch
[2018/01/13 11:01] Treasure Ballinger: nah, we're freeing him
[2018/01/13 11:01] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): lol
[2018/01/13 11:01] Faye Blackheart: Tim asked us to remove his bank account lol
[2018/01/13 11:01] Seren McGillivary: ✦ℓαυgнѕ✔
[2018/01/13 11:01] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): /me smiles
[2018/01/13 11:01] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): I thing that we should give Geri authority to dissolve the corporation.
[2018/01/13 11:01] Faye Blackheart: he'll be quite pleased
[2018/01/13 11:01] The Freak Magnet (rykk.ferraris): No, just allowing him to release his personal account from the SLBA
[2018/01/13 11:01] Jerkwad Borkotron: ok that's acceptable
[2018/01/13 11:01] Jerkwad Borkotron: aye
[2018/01/13 11:01] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): we got a little excited about everything
[2018/01/13 11:01] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): wait...
[2018/01/13 11:01] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): motion one
[2018/01/13 11:01] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): is to rlease tim from the bank account
[2018/01/13 11:02] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): release* Tim*
[2018/01/13 11:02] Jerkwad Borkotron: OK but he's just going to run around and cause trouble
[2018/01/13 11:02] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): from Sam.
[2018/01/13 11:02] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): is there a second?
[2018/01/13 11:02] Faye Blackheart: second
[2018/01/13 11:02] Seren McGillivary: aye
[2018/01/13 11:02] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): All in favor?
[2018/01/13 11:02] Jerkwad Borkotron: by acclimation :)
[2018/01/13 11:02] Treasure Ballinger: aye
[2018/01/13 11:02] Faye Blackheart: aye
[2018/01/13 11:02] Suemoon Magic: aye
[2018/01/13 11:02] The Freak Magnet (rykk.ferraris): aye
[2018/01/13 11:02] Ellen Ross (ellensross): Aye
[2018/01/13 11:02] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): aye
[2018/01/13 11:02] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Opposed?
[2018/01/13 11:02] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): aye
[2018/01/13 11:02] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Are ther other matters that we should attend to before we adjourn?
[2018/01/13 11:03] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Motion carries. Tim will be removed from the bank account.
[2018/01/13 11:03] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Justice Highfield (2m)
[2018/01/13 11:03] Seren McGillivary: welcome back
[2018/01/13 11:03] Justice Highfield: ty
[2018/01/13 11:03] Justice Highfield: froze and crashes
[2018/01/13 11:03] Faye Blackheart: did we want to give Geri authority to dissolve the corporation
[2018/01/13 11:03] Treasure Ballinger: yes
[2018/01/13 11:03] The Freak Magnet (rykk.ferraris): Hope someone is taking notes, we're gtting a lot accomplished
[2018/01/13 11:03] Seren McGillivary: second
[2018/01/13 11:03] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): brb
[2018/01/13 11:03] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Thank goodness Geri came back today
[2018/01/13 11:03] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): /afk
[2018/01/13 11:03] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Transcribe the discussion.
[2018/01/13 11:03] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): hold on a sec for that one
[2018/01/13 11:04] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): Definitely
[2018/01/13 11:04] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): ok... Geri, should we dissolve now or wait until Feb meeting for that motion?
[2018/01/13 11:04] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): It may take some time and money to do that.
[2018/01/13 11:04] Jerkwad Borkotron: What are you dissolving?
[2018/01/13 11:05] Faye Blackheart: the California corporation for SLBA
[2018/01/13 11:05] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): SLBA is a California non-profit corporation.
[2018/01/13 11:05] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): The corporation of the SLBA. Still keeping the group and meetings, etc. but without the sim, don't need the corporation anymore
[2018/01/13 11:05] Faye Blackheart: only reason we went through that hassle was to get this sim
[2018/01/13 11:05] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): We needed that to get the non-profit rent or the SIM.
[2018/01/13 11:05] Jerkwad Borkotron: ah I see
[2018/01/13 11:05] Treasure Ballinger: dissolving the non profit?
[2018/01/13 11:05] Treasure Ballinger: is that correct?
[2018/01/13 11:05] Faye Blackheart: yes
[2018/01/13 11:05] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): yes
[2018/01/13 11:06] Jerkwad Borkotron: So future donations will be for profit and we can buy beer great
[2018/01/13 11:06] Faye Blackheart: haha
[2018/01/13 11:06] The Freak Magnet (rykk.ferraris): Any issue with keeping it for future use? Or is that an expense as well?
[2018/01/13 11:07] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): Well I am not prepared in that I don't know what is involved but would like to move to dissolve it
[2018/01/13 11:07] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): and then I can figure how how to do it
[2018/01/13 11:07] Suemoon Magic: There is usually a cost every year right?
[2018/01/13 11:07] Faye Blackheart: yes
[2018/01/13 11:07] Ellen Ross (ellensross): If the expense is minimal, then it might make sense to keep it kicking just in case
[2018/01/13 11:07] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): We need RL bank accoutns to keep a RL corporation
[2018/01/13 11:07] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): The thing is there are a lot of IRS filings, and state filings that need to be made each year.
[2018/01/13 11:07] Faye Blackheart: plus paperwork filing for corporate maintenance
[2018/01/13 11:07] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Under Alaska Law, ther is a need for a resolution, an original signature form an office and a fee.
[2018/01/13 11:08] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): that is probably similar to California
[2018/01/13 11:08] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): from an officer.*
[2018/01/13 11:08] Suemoon Magic: The librarians are dissolving ours
[2018/01/13 11:08] The Freak Magnet (rykk.ferraris): It's California, they have their own planetary laws
[2018/01/13 11:08] Faye Blackheart: there is money in the account to pay for the fees for dissolution, just let me know where to transfer it when we're ready
[2018/01/13 11:08] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): I can get the paperwork in order
[2018/01/13 11:08] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): We don't need it to have the SLBA active here so it would be a good idea to dissolve it.
[2018/01/13 11:08] Ellen Ross (ellensross): OK
[2018/01/13 11:09] Treasure Ballinger: ok. thanks for clarification.
[2018/01/13 11:09] Ellen Ross (ellensross): Let's vote on it then before anyone leaves?
[2018/01/13 11:09] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Who is making the motion? Geri?
[2018/01/13 11:09] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): We might reach out to some o the members who are not here and get their input.
[2018/01/13 11:09] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): I move to dissolve the corporation
[2018/01/13 11:09] The Freak Magnet (rykk.ferraris): second
[2018/01/13 11:09] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): All in favor?
[2018/01/13 11:09] Faye Blackheart: aye
[2018/01/13 11:09] Treasure Ballinger: aye
[2018/01/13 11:09] Seren McGillivary: aye
[2018/01/13 11:09] Suemoon Magic: aye
[2018/01/13 11:09] Ellen Ross (ellensross): Aye
[2018/01/13 11:09] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): aye
[2018/01/13 11:09] The Freak Magnet (rykk.ferraris): aye
[2018/01/13 11:09] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): aye
[2018/01/13 11:09] Jerkwad Borkotron: sure go for it
[2018/01/13 11:09] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): lol
[2018/01/13 11:10] Treasure Ballinger: that part is more sad than losing the sim.......
[2018/01/13 11:10] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Lincoln was very much involved with the incorporation and Agenda might have been as well.
[2018/01/13 11:10] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Justice?
[2018/01/13 11:10] Treasure Ballinger: sigh
[2018/01/13 11:10] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): All opposed?
[2018/01/13 11:10] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): I would like to ehar back from Geri before she actually doesn anything.
[2018/01/13 11:11] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): I will prepare the paperwork
[2018/01/13 11:11] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): I agree Sam.
[2018/01/13 11:11] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): Can present it at hte next memeting
[2018/01/13 11:11] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Geri - feel free to contact me if you would like in RL.
[2018/01/13 11:11] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): meeting
[2018/01/13 11:11] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): So motion carried, but we will revisit this in February if Geri is ok with that?
[2018/01/13 11:11] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): My contact info is in my profile.
[2018/01/13 11:11] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): I am very okay with it
[2018/01/13 11:11] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Yes, I think that is a great idea Geri.
[2018/01/13 11:12] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): I wnat to do it
[2018/01/13 11:12] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): It is not necessary to keep this corporation
[2018/01/13 11:12] Faye Blackheart: simplifying this group will be a good thing for everyone.... less financial obligation, less RL headache
[2018/01/13 11:12] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): We can all agree with that.
[2018/01/13 11:12] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): So in February we will further discuss the dissolution process
[2018/01/13 11:12] Jerkwad Borkotron: Without a corporation is this considered a formal entity or just a bunch of attorneys with hors d'oeuvres that's the main issue
[2018/01/13 11:13] Seren McGillivary: ok I have a question
[2018/01/13 11:13] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): And we will pick up where we left off with all our meetings
[2018/01/13 11:13] Treasure Ballinger: good question
[2018/01/13 11:13] Seren McGillivary: because I'm not a business attorney
[2018/01/13 11:13] Seren McGillivary: but if this is a non profit
[2018/01/13 11:13] Seren McGillivary: and the treasurer is paying rent to herself, is that a problem
[2018/01/13 11:13] Treasure Ballinger: another reason to dissolve.....
[2018/01/13 11:13] Suemoon Magic: It will be moot soon
[2018/01/13 11:14] Seren McGillivary: okay I thought so
[2018/01/13 11:14] Jerkwad Borkotron: right as a non profit there's a mission and such without it this becomes a social club which is totally fine and fun and more true to the spirit of SL
[2018/01/13 11:14] Treasure Ballinger: sigh
[2018/01/13 11:14] Treasure Ballinger: yeah
[2018/01/13 11:14] Faye Blackheart: We can hold off on paying rent at the new sim until we are dissolved
[2018/01/13 11:14] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): same organization though guys
[2018/01/13 11:14] Suemoon Magic: Business connections can still happen though
[2018/01/13 11:14] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): just minus many of the issues
[2018/01/13 11:14] Suemoon Magic: and educational presentations
[2018/01/13 11:14] Faye Blackheart: so there isn't any appearance of impropriety
[2018/01/13 11:14] Seren McGillivary: right
[2018/01/13 11:14] Treasure Ballinger: name remains the same?
[2018/01/13 11:14] Seren McGillivary: thanks
[2018/01/13 11:14] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): yes
[2018/01/13 11:14] Treasure Ballinger: Second Life Bar Association
[2018/01/13 11:14] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): we are still the SLBA
[2018/01/13 11:15] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): even if there is a usurper out there these days
[2018/01/13 11:15] Treasure Ballinger: do tell?
[2018/01/13 11:15] Treasure Ballinger: didn't know that
[2018/01/13 11:15] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): There is no conflict, because we are Faye's tenants at will and the rent amount is at the market - what she charges others.
[2018/01/13 11:15] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): someone else has a SLBA and claims to be the first on SL to have it
[2018/01/13 11:15] Treasure Ballinger: wow
[2018/01/13 11:15] Jerkwad Borkotron: What's the name?
[2018/01/13 11:15] Jerkwad Borkotron: of the impostor
[2018/01/13 11:16] Jerkwad Borkotron: /me grabs a rusty screwdriver and places it into his beak
[2018/01/13 11:16] Faye Blackheart: haha
[2018/01/13 11:16] The Freak Magnet (rykk.ferraris): All I know is that I joined this one in 2007
[2018/01/13 11:16] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): lol
[2018/01/13 11:16] Faye Blackheart: this is the first, they either didn't know, or didn't care lol
[2018/01/13 11:16] Treasure Ballinger: Me too, not long after I joined SL
[2018/01/13 11:17] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Attorney Rembrandt
[2018/01/13 11:17] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Great picture of Elizabeth's head.!
[2018/01/13 11:17] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): ATTORNEY AT LAW - SL Bar Association SL's FIRST ASSOCIATION of RL PRACTICING LAWYERS - Membership by request - (contact Attorney Rembrandt or Jeanne Muliaina for info and ...
[2018/01/13 11:17] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): here's what the group profile says
[2018/01/13 11:17] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): and it was supposed to show that we have a quorum! lol
[2018/01/13 11:17] Suemoon Magic: It does
[2018/01/13 11:18] The Freak Magnet (rykk.ferraris): Rem was a member of ours. His distinction in that is "practicing" since we didn;t limit membership on that basis
[2018/01/13 11:18] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Motion to dismiss?
[2018/01/13 11:18] Faye Blackheart: secondlife:///app/group/f6646560-a972-81ac-bdfb-7ad8af38ec15/about
[2018/01/13 11:18] Ellen Ross (ellensross): So moved
[2018/01/13 11:18] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): I sent him a message, he never responded
[2018/01/13 11:18] Suemoon Magic: I don't practice
[2018/01/13 11:18] Suemoon Magic: second
[2018/01/13 11:18] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Second?
[2018/01/13 11:18] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): All in favor?
[2018/01/13 11:18] Faye Blackheart: aye
[2018/01/13 11:18] Suemoon Magic: aye
[2018/01/13 11:18] The Freak Magnet (rykk.ferraris): aye
[2018/01/13 11:18] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): aye
[2018/01/13 11:18] Ellen Ross (ellensross): Aye
[2018/01/13 11:18] Treasure Ballinger: AYE
[2018/01/13 11:18] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): No.
[2018/01/13 11:19] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): huh?
[2018/01/13 11:19] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): (Just to be contrary)
[2018/01/13 11:19] Faye Blackheart: lol
[2018/01/13 11:19] Suemoon Magic: ㋡
[2018/01/13 11:19] Ellen Ross (ellensross): /me grins
[2018/01/13 11:19] Seren McGillivary: aye
[2018/01/13 11:19] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): *rolls eyes*
[2018/01/13 11:19] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): grrrrrrr
[2018/01/13 11:19] Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): /me grins at Sam
[2018/01/13 11:19] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Motion carries
[2018/01/13 11:19] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): eye
[2018/01/13 11:19] Faye Blackheart: Well we are heading over to Becuma, if anyone wants to join shoot me an IM and I'll send landmarks. Otherwise, look on the World Map - the region is "Becuma" and you can TP anytime.
[2018/01/13 11:20] Elizabeth (elizabethesq): The meeting is dismissed. Thank you all for being here and for making sure the SLBA continues for a long time.
[2018/01/13 11:20] Treasure Ballinger: Glad I could come today.
[2018/01/13 11:20] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): Good job Elizabeth
[2018/01/13 11:20] Ellen Ross (ellensross): Got stuff to grab before I switch to another alt account but I will be checking that out - maybe as an alt but I will definitely go look
[2018/01/13 11:20] Sam Courtois. Esq. (sam4.courtois): /me Applauds!
[2018/01/13 11:20] Jerkwad Borkotron: what's becuma?
[2018/01/13 11:20] The Freak Magnet (rykk.ferraris): Yes,
[2018/01/13 11:20] Faye Blackheart: Now if i could detach this damn champagne!!??
[2018/01/13 11:20] Treasure Ballinger: Becuma is the sim
[2018/01/13 11:20] Faye Blackheart: Becuma is the new region name
[2018/01/13 11:20] Justice Highfield: :( sorry all. I gotta deal with an rl issue
[2018/01/13 11:20] Treasure Ballinger: where our new digs will be, Jerkwad
[2018/01/13 11:20] Jerkwad Borkotron: ah ok
[2018/01/13 11:20] Justice Highfield: *runs out and into his superman outfit*
[2018/01/13 11:20] Ellen Ross (ellensross): And I will see you all there soon
[2018/01/13 11:20] Jerkwad Borkotron: very cool
[2018/01/13 11:20] Seren McGillivary: Take care all
[2018/01/13 11:21] The Freak Magnet (rykk.ferraris): ciao
[2018/01/13 11:21] Faye Blackheart: Thanks everyone
[2018/01/13 11:21] Jerkwad Borkotron: I'm going to fly off thanks friends

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