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[2016/07/09 10:21]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): The last financials are posted behind me.

[2016/07/09 10:21]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Our charity concert went extremely well.  I would like to thank Tim for all of his hard work and the effort he put into that concert.

[2016/07/09 10:21]  Suemoon Magic: It was very nice

[2016/07/09 10:22]  Tim (yoss.kamachi): yes we had good attendance and a nice donation over to our sponsored charity

[2016/07/09 10:22]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): I believe as far as speakers go, that Ellen was going to try to give a presentation on Breedables in August.  I will reach out to her about that.

[2016/07/09 10:23]  Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): :)

[2016/07/09 10:24]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Our charity concert was a big success and we got one of the biggest crowds of people on the sim that we have ever had.

[2016/07/09 10:24]  Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): That's great!

[2016/07/09 10:24]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): We talked about the idea of doing them more often, and I was hoping to get your feedback on that possibility.

[2016/07/09 10:26]  Tim (yoss.kamachi): i think it would be good

[2016/07/09 10:26]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Me too.

[2016/07/09 10:26]  Suemoon Magic: it was fun

[2016/07/09 10:26]  Suemoon Magic: but I didn't do any of the work ã‹¡

[2016/07/09 10:26]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Maybe if we considered planning one for sometime in October?

[2016/07/09 10:28]  Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): That sounds good

[2016/07/09 10:28]  Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): As to charities, we looked around

[2016/07/09 10:29]  Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): We spoke with Virtual Ability

[2016/07/09 10:29]  Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): and then recommended the group

[2016/07/09 10:29]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): We went with a charity that was recommended to us via some other members and groups here.

[2016/07/09 10:29]  Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): We had tried Doctors without Borders in SL.  Although on SL, they did not respond to my inquiries

[2016/07/09 10:29]  Suemoon Magic: The librarians have worked with them too'

[2016/07/09 10:30]  Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): I'd like to use the written chat so we have a record.

[2016/07/09 10:31]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Virtual Ability recommended Dream Travellers as the charity to donate the proceeds.

[2016/07/09 10:31]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): it was a huge success.

[2016/07/09 10:32]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): We raised approximately $25000 L for them.

[2016/07/09 10:32]  Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): That's great!

[2016/07/09 10:32]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Music was well-received and the concert was a huge success.

[2016/07/09 10:33]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): I never thought we would have a lag problem on the sim!

[2016/07/09 10:33]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): I was proven wrong!

[2016/07/09 10:33]  Tim (yoss.kamachi): lol

[2016/07/09 10:33]  Juris Amat: Wonderful! not the lag of course

[2016/07/09 10:33]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): I agree Juris.

[2016/07/09 10:34]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): How does everyone feel about trying to do a new concert in October or thereabouts?

[2016/07/09 10:34]  Suemoon Magic: Halloween theme?

[2016/07/09 10:34]  Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): Sounds good.

[2016/07/09 10:34]  Juris Amat: Seems like a great idea. Halloween is so popular in sl.

[2016/07/09 10:35]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Halloween can be fun!  Even a harvest moon type of theme depending on the date!  Great ideas ladies!

[2016/07/09 10:35]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Costume contest?

[2016/07/09 10:35]  Juris Amat: oooo!!

[2016/07/09 10:35]  Tim (yoss.kamachi): that could be fun

[2016/07/09 10:35]  Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): No offense to Tim

[2016/07/09 10:35]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): It could be loads of fun!

[2016/07/09 10:35]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): lol

[2016/07/09 10:35]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): I didn't see Tim comment about a Halloween concert.  Sorry Tim!

[2016/07/09 10:36]  Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): No, he didn't   Didn't want him to feel excluded

[2016/07/09 10:36]  Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): :)

[2016/07/09 10:36]  Suemoon Magic: ã‹¡

[2016/07/09 10:36]  Tim (yoss.kamachi): lol

[2016/07/09 10:36]  Juris Amat: lol

[2016/07/09 10:36]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Elections are coming up, but I'm not sure we can do much about that at this meeting.

[2016/07/09 10:37]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): I'm not sure how renewals went last month, but don't forget to renew your membership if you haven't already done so!

[2016/07/09 10:38]  Juris Amat: Maybe we could nominate via mail/ group im and that may also trigger better attendance

[2016/07/09 10:38]  Suemoon Magic: Do you have a list of who has?

[2016/07/09 10:38]  Suemoon Magic: I can't remember ã‹¡

[2016/07/09 10:38]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): No, I don't.  I'm sorry about that.

[2016/07/09 10:38]  Juris Amat: at least fo rthe purpose of holding elections

[2016/07/09 10:38]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): /me giggles, "Especially if you nominate people who aren't here!"

[2016/07/09 10:38]  Suemoon Magic: lol

[2016/07/09 10:39]  Juris Amat: winks...oh yes!

[2016/07/09 10:40]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): I think it's a better bet to figure it out in August and go from there as we want the people who get nominated to want to do the jobs too. :-)

[2016/07/09 10:41]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Is there any interest in positions from the floor now?  Keep in mind, the positions don't begin until February.

[2016/07/09 10:41]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): I feel like an auctioneer.... Tim appears to have raised his hand, everyone else is looking carefully away or down at the floor.

[2016/07/09 10:42]  Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): /me laughs

[2016/07/09 10:42]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): /me laughs

[2016/07/09 10:42]  Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): Yeah it does look like Tim is raising his hand.

[2016/07/09 10:42]  Suemoon Magic: ã‹¡

[2016/07/09 10:42]  Juris Amat: perhaps a few notices letting folks know that nominations (self and otherwise) are being solicited in anticipation of the next meeting

[2016/07/09 10:42]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): So it wasn't in my wishful thinking state of mind?

[2016/07/09 10:42]  Tim (yoss.kamachi): just here

[2016/07/09 10:42]  Tim (yoss.kamachi): drinking my ice tea

[2016/07/09 10:42]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Absolutely.

[2016/07/09 10:42]  Tim (yoss.kamachi): minding my own business

[2016/07/09 10:42]  Tim (yoss.kamachi): lol

[2016/07/09 10:42]  Juris Amat: :D

[2016/07/09 10:42]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): /m elaughs

[2016/07/09 10:43]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): /me laughs too

[2016/07/09 10:43]  Juris Amat: lol

[2016/07/09 10:43]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): I will make a point to send out a notice after the meeting today about nominations and the importance of attending the August meeting.

[2016/07/09 10:43]  Juris Amat: awesome

[2016/07/09 10:44]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Does anyone have anything else that they would like to raise at the meeting?  Suggestions?  Concerns?  Challenges?

[2016/07/09 10:44]  Tim (yoss.kamachi): i do have some information about renewing our ad on

[2016/07/09 10:44]  Juris Amat: Tim was there any further discussion regarding the sl visit of the virtual worlds committee?

[2016/07/09 10:44]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Awesome!

[2016/07/09 10:44]  Suemoon Magic: Promote the t-shirts, I don't think I knew about them

[2016/07/09 10:45]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Let's start with Tim about the ad renewal.  The floor is yours!

[2016/07/09 10:46]  Tim (yoss.kamachi): seth messaged me to say that the 200x200 ad is L$7500/month, the 160x160 ad is L$8500/month and the current center ad is L$12500/month

[2016/07/09 10:46]  Tim (yoss.kamachi): so in US currency, a 6 month renewal would be at a minimum of $180

[2016/07/09 10:47]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): That seems to be a lot if we aren't really getting a response from it.

[2016/07/09 10:47]  Tim (yoss.kamachi): i think his typical traffic is around 10,000 impressions per month; the site is geared to just people that use SL

[2016/07/09 10:48]  Tim (yoss.kamachi): for a comparison - we could probably do 2 charity concerts with the money we would pay for this ad on his site

[2016/07/09 10:48]  Tim (yoss.kamachi): but if we were to advertise on the ABA's site, the cost in US$ is around $4,000+ for a month

[2016/07/09 10:48]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): I think we got more traffic and added members through the concert.

[2016/07/09 10:51]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Definitely something to consider.

[2016/07/09 10:52]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): I mean the concerts v. advertising.

[2016/07/09 10:52]  Suemoon Magic: yes

[2016/07/09 10:52]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): I don't think we can afford the ABA advertising.

[2016/07/09 10:52]  Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): No.

[2016/07/09 10:52]  Tim (yoss.kamachi): i agree elizabeth. ABA ads are crazy expensive for our grouo

[2016/07/09 10:52]  Tim (yoss.kamachi): *group

[2016/07/09 10:52]  Tim (yoss.kamachi): even at the state bar level here in MD, the cost would probably be at least $2000 for a month or two of advertising

[2016/07/09 10:53]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Tim, Juris was also asking about the Virtual Worlds Committee and the SL visit.  Would you be able to address that?

[2016/07/09 10:53]  Tim (yoss.kamachi): it seems to be beyond our resources to do that sort of thing

[2016/07/09 10:53]  Tim (yoss.kamachi): sure

[2016/07/09 10:54]  Tim (yoss.kamachi): the chair had asked me to do a training session on getting into SL for the subcommittee that was scheduled for this Thursday, however, I've been tied up with teaching a summer class and couldn't make that meeting work. i presume we will try to re-schedule that session for another time.

[2016/07/09 10:54]  Juris Amat: great

[2016/07/09 10:55]  Juris Amat: im so glad theres some renewed interest on the part of the aba

[2016/07/09 10:55]  Suemoon Magic: If you need help training Tim it is a lot of what I do at the Community Virtual Library reference desk

[2016/07/09 10:55]  Tim (yoss.kamachi): that would be great

[2016/07/09 10:56]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): That's awesome Sue!

[2016/07/09 10:56]  Tim (yoss.kamachi): i can email Francine and suggest that

[2016/07/09 10:56]  Juris Amat: Very helpful of you Suemoon!

[2016/07/09 10:56]  Tim (yoss.kamachi): can i use to reach you?

[2016/07/09 10:56]  Suemoon Magic: yes

[2016/07/09 10:56]  Tim (yoss.kamachi): great

[2016/07/09 10:57]  Tim (yoss.kamachi): i will send Francine a message and copy you to see if we can coordinate with you

[2016/07/09 10:57]  Suemoon Magic: Cool

[2016/07/09 10:57]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): As for the T-Shirts, I believe they were first put out there 2 - 3 law days ago (2-3 years ago), and have been on sale ever since.   They can be purchased downstairs, but I am not sure where else they can be purchased on the sim.

[2016/07/09 10:59]  Suemoon Magic: Cool, I am unobservant ã‹¡

[2016/07/09 10:59]  Juris Amat: :)

[2016/07/09 11:00]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Nah, it's just not out there to be seen so easily if you aren't looking for it!

[2016/07/09 11:00]  Suemoon Magic: ã‹¡

[2016/07/09 11:00]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): I just want to make sure everyone's questions are answered. :-)

[2016/07/09 11:00]  Suemoon Magic: I used to work for the American Bar Foundation, a long time ago

[2016/07/09 11:01]  Juris Amat: I got lost downstairs looking for the door. Thats how I saw them. lol

[2016/07/09 11:01]  Suemoon Magic: ã‹¡

[2016/07/09 11:03]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): /me giggles

[2016/07/09 11:03]  Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): Is there any other business to discuss?

[2016/07/09 11:03]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Well, if no one has anything else to add, I think we can have a motion to adjourn?

[2016/07/09 11:04]  Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): So moved

[2016/07/09 11:04]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Second?

[2016/07/09 11:04]  Suemoon Magic: 2nd

[2016/07/09 11:04]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): All in favor?

[2016/07/09 11:04]  Tim (yoss.kamachi): aye

[2016/07/09 11:04]  Juris Amat: aye

[2016/07/09 11:04]  Geri Kahn (geri.kuhn): Aye

[2016/07/09 11:04]  Suemoon Magic: aye

[2016/07/09 11:04]  Elizabeth (elizabethesq): Our meeting is adjourned.  Thank you all for coming and I look forward to seeing you on August 13!

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