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On Saturday, July 7, I launched the first in what will hopefully be a monthly series of presentations about legal issues in Second Life. We started with a discussion of Copyright In Virtual Worlds and Social Media.

The event was extremely well-attended. I never got a definite head count, as some people drifted in and out throughout the event, but we had at least 30 attendees and raised L$1750 for SLBA. At one point I was able to pause and snap a couple of pictures of the crowd (see below).

My notes and slides are available (these are just my speaking notes, so they're not properly footnoted; maybe at some point I'll go back through and add citations). Additionally, one attendee took a video of the event, but be warned, it's an hour and a half long...there were a lot of people there, and they had a lot of questions.

For what it's worth, the crowd that came was very, very interested in hearing future presentations on subjects like taxation on SL income, formation of LLCs and other business entities, or employment law issues that affect SL businesses. Those aren't really my area (I could struggle my way through an LLC formation presentation if I had to, but I am by no means an expert), so if any of you want to step up and present, please let me know. I'm trying to schedule these on the first Saturday of each month.

Pictures from the event:

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