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Use this thread to nominate yourself for President. 

Nominations close July 9, midnight PDT. Candidates are invited to speak at the July 10 general meeting.

Elections will open after the July 10 meeting, and the new officers will take office at the August meeting.

Per our 501(c)(3) status, all board positions require disclosure of "real life" identities.

President-Elect/President: The President will run General Meetings and act as the public face of the organization. The President-Elect takes over the office of President on February 1 of the year following elections. In the meantime, the current president continues in that role.

In order to allow the President to carry out his or her duties as the public face of the SLBA, the President-Elect (and thus, the President) must (a) be a lawyer qualified to practice law, conduct litigation, act as advocate, and/or give legal advice, in at least one first-life jurisdiction, in accordance with the laws and rules of professional conduct (if any) of that jurisdiction and (b) make his or her "first life" name and bar memberships publicly available. No other offices require lawyer status.

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My SL name is DanielPerry Laa. My RL name is Daniel Perry. I would be honored to dedicate my time and efforts to serve you and the SLBA in these important times.

I am an Orlando, Florida attorney and practice in the area of Internet Law, Data Privacy Law, and Homeowner Association Law. I have handled over 100 criminal and civil jury trials. I am General Counsel to Identity Commons, Inc. , a not-for-profit Florida corporation enhancing collaboration between software developers in Digital Identity.

I am also a Civil Law Notary - which is of growing significance, particularly in the online world. Civil Law Notaries (often internationally called Latin Notaries or Notaires) are, simply stated, notaries for the transaction rather than the parties. Pursuant to Fla. Stat. § 118.10(3) a Florida Civil Law Notary "… may authenticate or certify any document, transaction, event, condition, or occurrence." This authentication or certification has a legal evidentiary presumption of correctness. Several other states (Alabama, California, North Carolina, and Texas) have similar statutes and Civil Law Notaries.

I am a former County Judge (1991 to 1995). In 2006-07, I was instrumental in assisting the National Notary Association and the Florida Legislature in enacting Fla. Stat. § 117.021, which made Florida one of the first states to support Electronic Notarization. I have lectured at national and international conferences on Data Privacy and Digital Evidence. I have successfully represented over a dozen bloggers faced with defamation lawsuits. I have also counseled numerous bloggers on business development, licensing and joint venture strategies, FTC compliance, and privacy/security risks.

I am a member of the Florida Bars' Law Office Management Assistance Service which consults with attorneys on management and computer technology. I serve on the Executive Council of the General Practice Solo and Small Firm Section. This section, which has approximately 2,000 active Florida lawyers and approximately 200 paralegal associate members is charged with broadening it's member base to include the 90,000 Florida lawyers along with the recent upsurge of almost 4,000 Florida Registered Paralegals.

I have been active in the SLBA both as an attendee to meetings and a presenter in a recent panel discussion on Law in SL. I have been impressed with the caliber of the discussions on important topics and with the obvious dedication of the existing and former members to this organization. I share many of your expressed concerns that SLBA needs a broader base and enhanced relationships with RL bar associations. I also support increased CLE and events to help draw interest in the SLBA.

Please vote for me! Thanks,

Daniel Perry, Esquire
Twitter: DanielPerry
Skype: danperryskype


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